Guess What I’m Making?

DSC_9906Where there is beef, there are beef bones.

DSC_9898Massaged with lard, salted and pepped. Then roasted until brown.

DSC_9912Extra flavor rescued with a spatula or a little red wine.

Add then the celery, carrots, onions punctured with cloves, the bay leaves, the thyme and anything else you can find.

DSC_9917Things bubble and toil.  Hours later, some healthy beef broth to sip or soup.


She Likes To Cook In Roller Blades


Our little chef found some super grand roller blades left in our rental house by a friend. She’s been rolling around ever since. She’s going through a Ramona Flowers phase. She loves to carry my lovely plates with hot stuff carrying knives so I can practice not freaking out. I have a lot of practice.

She pats her grassfed beef patty dry to avoid boiling the meat and instead give it a nice lardy browning. She likes her burger browned on the outside and red on the inside. A nub of butter, a crack of pepper and it rests while she finishes up the potatoes.


Burgers and Beans


There is a song – “Burgers and Beans” – Minty will sing it for you. To the same tune you can also appreciate “pork and peas” as well as “spicy beef and chutney that I won’t eat because I’m holding out for the fish sticks.” Classic Curtis hits available for download soon.

We’re not serving beans with these burgers. Our family friends in the villa next door are leaving so we prepared a few other fixens to go with the burgers.

The burgers will be lovely just the same.

I fry my burgers in lard. So should you. Don’t be frightened. Lard, you see, is good for you.

Burgers Stuffed With:

3 eggs
Dried green onion

Made into burgers, fried in lard

Okay boys, dinner time!
… They can’t hear me because their Internet is off. Ug. I suppose I’ll need to, like, knock.

Lunch: Steaky Bits with Mushies and Onions served with Slaw


Gordito, the Bœuf that keeps on giving. Gordito was packed in fleshy, freezy lumps of unidentifiable origin. So when I defrost some beef, it’s always a surprise ( say “sur-preez” ) when it’s all warmed up and ready to go. Today’s beef was steak. I decided to thinly slice some of this entrecôte and brown it, remove and then rest.

mushies and onios

Meanwhile, I slowly buttered up some onions and mushrooms with a clove of garlic. Easy now, don’t go browning the onions. A nice softening is what I was after. Don choo just love onions and mushrooms in a pan bubbling with butter? Yeah, me too.

steaky bits and slaw

I added a splash of wine to grab some flavor off the bottom of then pan. I added back in the steaky bits and lunch was ready. I served with cole slaw. My cole slaw is actually a slaw copy made by Coles supermarket in Australia. So really we call it Coles’ slaw. The essential ingredient to bring it from American Slaw to Coles’ Slaw is the addition of some chopped carrots with all the rest of the mayo and things.

… and yes, that is a lime-green Porsche Cayman by the steaky bits.  This photo was not fluffed.  You’ve just peeked onto my kitchen bench into my world where a Kinder Egg Surprise toy makes it to my workspace and is not moved until after I snap a photo and realize, ” oh look, a Cayman.”

Rose Veal Explored


I don’t have a lot of experience with veal other than pounding the crap out of crappy veal to make scaloppine. But with our first veal, which is truly rose veal, as it was with it’s mum milking, eating hay and grass ready for slaughter around seven months. We couldn’t wait to fry one of these steaks up. So curious were we. The result? Beef! Flavor! Tender! A complete shock followed by excitement filled our dining room ( which we call “the mess” which also triples as our office and t.v. room okay and “the warm room”). Veal or Rose Veal or Baby Beef is good don’t let people tell you otherwise.


Beef Yum in Lettuce


So we watch some food shows. The kids were completely taken by beef yum delivered in lettuce by M. Ramsey. So we gave ‘er a go with what we have. I held back on the hot peppers, but otherwise we did as he do.

– brown pork ( or bacon in our case )
– brown mince
– remove from pan. Remove excess fat
– soften and slowly cook the onions
– add the garlic and ginger
– add the beef and pork back in
– season with fish sauce and some soy sauce

We added some parsley when all was said and done.

Do not boil your mince. With a hot pan and some lard, take it slow and do it in batches.


Who knew that beefy ginger yum in lettuce would be a big hit with the chitlans. I think kids love the assembly side of cuisine.

Bourguignon Made With Filet Offcuts


With a few filet offcuts, I managed to scrape together a little evening Bourguignon. Yes, I know, “taking one for the team,” but I need to feed the troops with whatever protein and veg delight I have available.

Bourguignon is Bourguignon, all recipes will arrive at yum. We will serve with cauliflower au gratin and a tuna-melt back-up.


When onions and garlic look like that, they ARE having fun!

Look What’s Home For Lunch


Meet our latest offering. Last time, we sold the ground beef. Today, after weeks of dry aging, we have Christmas roasts and the good cuts. We were very pleased with the marbling on this grassfed cow. These beauties are all sold. As a farmer, you need to know your product. So we managed to find a small perk leftover to collect more knowledge on our march to tasty beef. Yeah, I know, filet again? Ug. Us grasspunks take one for the team as necessary.

We served with salad.