I Love Pounding Meat


Take a little steak. Pound it like you just don’t care. Egg it then bread it and mark it with a ‘b’ and serve it up warm for kiddies and me.

Fried in tallow, you can take a tasty steak and make it accessible to children. Looks like chook, tastes like a chook finger. But it’s so much better for you.


After the steak is cooked, chuck in some veg. Tonight we have mushies and pepps with some shallot, garlic and surpeez.

… And for zee adults, foie gras. Our freezer is running down and … well … it’s all we have. Salt, pep, a bit of sweet, a dash of nutmeg. Sure to be yum.

Chile Relleno Surprise


Surprise! It’s not actually chile relleno, but rather a lovely layered relleno pie to the tune of my fav Puebla dish. And probably the only Puebla dish I’m aware of.


I saw these gorgeous peppers that spoke to me. I wasn’t sure where to go with them. Stuffed with cheese in an eggy mess was the first thing that came to mind.


You ever skin a pepper? It’s very simple.
– A quick roast on a pan ( I used some lard. That’s how I roll. ).
– After ten minutes of hot heat oven action, sweat it in a bag. — Prepare some cheese or chop something while you wait some minutes.
– Pull one out and peel off the skin. It’s very thin. Like a Kimono bursted.
– You are left with soft, silky peppers.


With last night’s mushies and green beans, I layered like this in a lard coated loaf pan:

– pepper
– mushie bean mix
– zuch
– roughly mixed egg
– cheese, easy going melty stuff

: rinse and repeat

The last layer is pepper followed by cheese

I cooked in an average oven until browny and melty.

If in France, a young Gouda and/or Comte

Otherwise, Jack or Moz

Guess What I’m Making?

DSC_9906Where there is beef, there are beef bones.

DSC_9898Massaged with lard, salted and pepped. Then roasted until brown.

DSC_9912Extra flavor rescued with a spatula or a little red wine.

Add then the celery, carrots, onions punctured with cloves, the bay leaves, the thyme and anything else you can find.

DSC_9917Things bubble and toil.  Hours later, some healthy beef broth to sip or soup.