Breakfast: Eggs With Salsa


Three eggs beaten up and slowly manipulated in a butter bath.

Salsa made last night for some overnight, juicy infusion.

Three toms
Half of a small onion
Three garlic cloves
Splash of red wine vinegar
Olive oil
Salt ‘n’ Pepper
Frozen chopped cilantro
Lemon juice
A plop of hot stuff

Served with real cheddar cheese from England and a little creme fraiche

Yum. Now I’ll be fueled until lunch. What’s for lunch?

My Morning Cappuccino


Very tickled, I’ve managed to make cappuccino given one, stove- top pot and some fresh milk. A little patience with the beans and a some freshly, whisked milk makes for a latte sans les trois Euro prix. Oh how I’d love to pull the Folgers Challenge on my neighbor. Foamy UHT with beautifully brewed discount Arabica. But instead, I start each day with a foamy bang with mediocre equipment. When you
love coffee, these are the lengths you go to.

Breakfast: Fried Eggs in Duck Fat with Some Potted Meat Product


Eggs fried in duck fat start your morning with a crispy edge. I’ve been doing sunny-side up lately and oh the faces I’ve made.


Served with a bit of potted meat product. Okay it’s pork pâté. Yep, organic, local whatever buzzword you need, it’s terrific and I have a lot of it. Much better than Spam. I’ll have to do a Spambled Eggs version. I loves me some faux faux.