Blanquette de Veau


I’m practicing Blanquette de Veau. So far, it’s been amazing. You basically do this:

Make veal stock
Reserving stock, strain the bits and set aside
Reduce stock
Make a roux
Add stock
Add cream and egg yolks
Add the bits back in
Exclaim at what a wonderful year you’ve had and hope that next year will prove even bettter.


Foie Gras, Sweet Bacon and Scrambled Eggs


A beautiful way to start your day.

– foie gras sliced thin
– American style bacon, sliced thick
– scrambled eggs in a hot, buttery, duck fatty fat bath.

Bacon first, set aside. Then eggs. Foie gras placed on the hot eggs to warm slightly.

Simple. Delicious. Robust.

Big Arse Pork Chop Tonight


This is my first time with a big arse chop. I’ve had fatty chops and large chops, but never a big arse chop. This is not the type of chop for a quick fry. I will fry and brown on all sides then stick in a moderate oven to finish off. I have huge drooly, anticipation that it will taste lovely. I’m working hard to get the texture right.

Pepper Fennel


Though an awesome name for an emerging investment banking firm, it’s actually a little dish to be served with some veal-roast-turn-curry.


My ” ‘n’ sauce ” has evolved into some form of curry. I love curry and IT MUST be made from scratch. Absolutely no cheats or pastes allowed. If you have leftover meaty bits, stick it in a curry. Cauliflower surprise works better than rice for rice. But if you ate the cauliflower, reach for pepper-fennel. Triple ‘A’ rating guaranteed.

Look What’s Home For Lunch


Meet our latest offering. Last time, we sold the ground beef. Today, after weeks of dry aging, we have Christmas roasts and the good cuts. We were very pleased with the marbling on this grassfed cow. These beauties are all sold. As a farmer, you need to know your product. So we managed to find a small perk leftover to collect more knowledge on our march to tasty beef. Yeah, I know, filet again? Ug. Us grasspunks take one for the team as necessary.

We served with salad.