Cheesy Poofs, Cheesy Flops


I loves me some cheesy poofs. My super bargain oven makes cheesy poofs like nobody’s bidness. Though if your batter is runny, you will most certainly make cheesy flops thus setting up your evening for sadness and despair. Nobody wants a cheesy flop. Sure, they taste okay, but the crunch and fluff of a proper cheesy poof makes giggles happen.


I use the Saveur recipe which works perfectly if you pay attention to a few things.

1) runny batter makes flops. Add more flour.

2) salt and pepper and then salt and pepper again. It makes a difference

3) oven is set to super hot, but not too hot. My oven runs hot. Too hot, too quick and you get a flop. Hot and steady ( like my men ) and you will arrive at poofdom.

Recipe is :

115g butter
1/2 c milk
1/2 c water
Sal n Pepe
1c flour
4 eggs
1c melty cheese

Make a roux
Add eggs one at a time
Add cheese

Spoon on a pan
Top with milk and cheese

Cook until poofy
Happy happy joy joy



I remembered to plant garlic in the autumn. I found time to keep it free of weeds. Now, I get to enjoy my efforts. This garlic is going into a little zuch, tom, fennel number to be served with big arse pork leg. My iPhone touch screen smells lovely.

It Always Happens This Way


The gaz bottle always runs out on Sunday. Sunday the shops are closed and gaz bottles sit behind bars shooting the shit waiting for Monday to roll around. A bottle out on Friday night is rare, but not without its challenges. Four kids in a car equals “no fun.” yeah, you can sit ( if you get the chance ) and dream about trips here or trips there or a quick pop up to the shop, but you are kidding yourself. A Friday night gaz bottle outage proves smooth if you have the back-up bottle. Smooth sailing, girl, nothing but ease and smiles in the foreseeable future. Don’-choo be dragging four kids to the magazine for a bottle of gaz. Let us take a moment to plan. Okay. Now back to cooking.