Behold our very cute, very cold BBQT of the month, Mary. Despite stellar coaching from the veggie dudes – “Like a TIGER. Like a TI-ger” – Mary held strong to smile for the camera while picking up some delicious produce. Ready to dazzle the lens with her fancy shirt, we had to abort Mission: Tank Top as Seattle decided to celebrate March by bucketing down snow. Isn’t it out like a lamb? Mary is no stranger to the grill. In her house, the grill moves for everyone. Mary’s spot is near the kitchen while others move the grill near the beautiful, lake view. Not much of a winter griller, she likes to wait until the pickin’s are fresh and local. Her favorite: Weird Fish. It don’t matter, you can do amazing things with fish. One of her favs involves fresh salmon (not farmed!) topped with the marriage of soy sauce to maple syrup. I do!  Seattle’s salmon is so deliciously plentiful while also easy on the pocketbook. Even the local pub will have salmon on the menu next to the club sandwich. Seattle definitely has a culinary g-spot with its access to incredible, local ingredients. Other fishy favs are Halibut (don’t forget, it’s Halibut season NOW!) along with anything you can stick on a stick. Cuz remember, you can kebab damn near anything. This BBQT crusts up the Halibut in a hot, hot pan (yes, on the stove) skin side up. After a nice crust has been established, she’ll pop in on the grill to finish it off with lemon pepper and salt. YUM!

Fishy Fishy The fish dude


don't forget the flowers


Tracy, BBQT


Classy lady Tracy has stepped up from down under to be our second BBQT of the month. Sure she’s from America, but she holds strong by putting her own prawn on the bahbee in the beautiful city of Sydney. Tongs in hand (okay ice cube tongs thanks Opera Bar!), Tracy can lay on her Girl On Grill Aciton ™ like nobody’s bidness. Tracy uses simple, high quality ingredients, hot heat of the grill, two secret herbs and spices then lets the natural flavors shine. One of her favorite recipes is a prawn and calamari salad with lemon and orange dressing from one of her well used grilling cookbooks. A quick little diddy that takes oil and citrus with a little zest, dash of sugar and a wee bit of garlic to smother on some yummy, grilled seafood. Add a little fresh herbs for a cunning entrée.

Nice Tongs!! le opera casa


This is Jennifer

Meet Jennifer our very first Girl On Grill Action™ grill girl of the month. Jennifer is not much of a beach fan, but acquiesced to aesthetic pressure. Jennifer doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach or hot, sandy burgers with beans.

Boots yah hot boots only

She is fairly straightforward with her grilling. Full on meat with bun as garnish is her style. Pop it on the grill and grill the beejeezus out of it. With enough sauce and a nice pair of shoes, everything tastes fantastic. Wash it down with some Sprited vodka and you’ve got yourself a good time. Even better, a great meal.

Hot Coals Only

show us your tats

Here’s a little concoction she whips up. Take it away Jennifer …

I do actually have a fave BBQ thingie. I call it Ghetto Grillas! Sometimes all you can afford and/or find in a pinch is the prepackaged beef patties, the carni-quivalent of Government Cheese. No need to despair because you can do like I do! Let those bad boys defrost in a bowl, break em up, and squash them with a package of Lipton Onion Soup. Even the lowliest of supermarkets have these freeze-dried powder packets, or some generic facsimile.
Grill to your lil heart’s desire, and prepare to fall over from the deliciousness you’ve created with such humble ingredients!

smile perty

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