Sweet Lettuce Leaves With Bacon, Guacamole and Cream


I think this is a Bibb lettuce in America. It’s not bitter in the slightest and does justice to the guacamole I made. I’ve never taken to the chip- guacamole dip extravaganza. I was more interested in the guac over the chip. When you make a quick lunch based on the guacamole you made last night, it must involve bacon and cream. Had I not eaten all the salsa last night, that would have trifecta-ed the dish. But the salsa was not hugely missed as the green goob of yum was the star ingredient.


Should you cook too much bacon and your partner in cured flesh eating crime has taken a nap, you can skip the fancy greens and load your fried, poitrine fumee with Mr. Green. It’s all good.

Ripe avocados
Cilantro ( only a dash because my husband is one of those “cilantro tastes like soap” people. )

Crispy Onions


Lunch today began last night when I chopped a small onion for some pork meat balls that I decided not to use. Along with the washing up, my little, chopped onion sat out for the rest of the evening while I attended to more pressing matters of reviewing the World of Warcraft episode of South Park. The next day, breakfast came and went. Cows were moved. Hay was laid out. Market was complete. When lunch rolled around, I decided to do a little song and dance with my pre-chopped onion and ground pork.

I’m a bit tired today so consequently I did everything wrong. But one right that happened were the onions. After a slow, hot butter bath, then removed, then added back in after the pork was browned, my onions went crispy.

Those crispy onions worked their crunchy magic until lunch tasted right. Yum was had by all ( well me because Lucy had fishsticks and Brent had leftover beef curry ). My crispy onions will come out and play again very soon.

Though the plate appeal has a soft, dark brown bits-n-bobs look, the texture was amazing.

In this dish:
Ground pork
Brussel Sprouts
Pine Nuts


Lunch: Steaky Bits with Mushies and Onions served with Slaw


Gordito, the Bœuf that keeps on giving. Gordito was packed in fleshy, freezy lumps of unidentifiable origin. So when I defrost some beef, it’s always a surprise ( say “sur-preez” ) when it’s all warmed up and ready to go. Today’s beef was steak. I decided to thinly slice some of this entrecôte and brown it, remove and then rest.

mushies and onios

Meanwhile, I slowly buttered up some onions and mushrooms with a clove of garlic. Easy now, don’t go browning the onions. A nice softening is what I was after. Don choo just love onions and mushrooms in a pan bubbling with butter? Yeah, me too.

steaky bits and slaw

I added a splash of wine to grab some flavor off the bottom of then pan. I added back in the steaky bits and lunch was ready. I served with cole slaw. My cole slaw is actually a slaw copy made by Coles supermarket in Australia. So really we call it Coles’ slaw. The essential ingredient to bring it from American Slaw to Coles’ Slaw is the addition of some chopped carrots with all the rest of the mayo and things.

… and yes, that is a lime-green Porsche Cayman by the steaky bits.  This photo was not fluffed.  You’ve just peeked onto my kitchen bench into my world where a Kinder Egg Surprise toy makes it to my workspace and is not moved until after I snap a photo and realize, ” oh look, a Cayman.”

Lunch: Chops, Pot Cakes, Sah-lad and Chard


Salad ( pronounced ” sah – lahd ” ) with cute, little tomatoes and some avocado from Maroc.

Chops. Shallow fried in lard.


Potato cakes. Yesternight’s mashed pots ( buttah, creme fraiche ) with added chives. Also added, a fresh- from-the-chook’s-bum egg and it all went a beautiful yellow. Shallow fried in lard and unicorn tears.
And chard. You know, cook the hard bits first. Then add the leafy bits with some stock. Cover and uncover to reduce.