Sweet Lettuce Leaves With Bacon, Guacamole and Cream


I think this is a Bibb lettuce in America. It’s not bitter in the slightest and does justice to the guacamole I made. I’ve never taken to the chip- guacamole dip extravaganza. I was more interested in the guac over the chip. When you make a quick lunch based on the guacamole you made last night, it must involve bacon and cream. Had I not eaten all the salsa last night, that would have trifecta-ed the dish. But the salsa was not hugely missed as the green goob of yum was the star ingredient.


Should you cook too much bacon and your partner in cured flesh eating crime has taken a nap, you can skip the fancy greens and load your fried, poitrine fumee with Mr. Green. It’s all good.

Ripe avocados
Cilantro ( only a dash because my husband is one of those “cilantro tastes like soap” people. )

Loves Me Some Guac


So simple. So lovely.

Some avocados
A clove or two of garlic
Hot peppers if you wish
Squidge Of lemon
Salt and pepper
Cilantro if you wish ( I wish. Those who have the cilantro ” soap” gene, may not wish )

Let it settle and you are off on a journey of Meh-Hee-Can delight.