Fish Tacos Without The Taco Bit


Lieu Noir in French. I didn’t know what it was, but it was affordable and looked fresh. In Google translate it is Saithe or Coley. Er? Wah? Turns out, it’s Pollock. I went with it and gave it an eggy bath then dipped in Einkorn with salt – pep. Very tasty! I served with salsa, avocado, cream, salad and some rice. The fish taco, you see, is but a wrapper ( heh-heh heh heh. It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under ). You can happily fish taco without the corn tortilla. An olive, balsamic vinegar was also available for any fatty loobing needed.

I must say, I was quite happy with fish taco without the taco bit. I might need to try this part right here again.

Burgers and Beans


There is a song – “Burgers and Beans” – Minty will sing it for you. To the same tune you can also appreciate “pork and peas” as well as “spicy beef and chutney that I won’t eat because I’m holding out for the fish sticks.” Classic Curtis hits available for download soon.

We’re not serving beans with these burgers. Our family friends in the villa next door are leaving so we prepared a few other fixens to go with the burgers.

The burgers will be lovely just the same.

I fry my burgers in lard. So should you. Don’t be frightened. Lard, you see, is good for you.

Burgers Stuffed With:

3 eggs
Dried green onion

Made into burgers, fried in lard

Okay boys, dinner time!
… They can’t hear me because their Internet is off. Ug. I suppose I’ll need to, like, knock.

The Onion-Garlic-Ginger Panty-Dropping Trifecta


He said, “simmer sauce” when asked about curry. I felt that if I had fur that would rise when threatened, it would have been locked and loaded. Unaware of my sensitivity to curry, I think I’ve moved beyond M. Patek and his simmer sauce companions. Cheap turmeric with cumin buddies and preservatives are no match for curry made with freshly roasted or ground, or roasted and ground spices. So simple, so available yet passed by, pushed aside by stomaches in search of ready-meals. Look, if you want to sizzle up sex in a pan, it will involve onions, garlic and ginger. Throw this melange at any protein be it beef, pork, tofu or chickpeas, you will arrive at yum. An amazing yum. A yum so strong you might feel like staying a bit longer. Add ground cumin and a bit of ground coriander. Don’t forget the salt. And whoops, there go the panties. Follow up with some cardamom ice cream and you have, well I don’t know what you have, but you’re on your way.

I don’t care if I’ve said this before, but please, friends, don’t let friends use “simmer sauce.” They’ll say they don’t have the time. They’ll say they don’t have the recipe. This is shit. Pull it together, pick up your life and make curry from scratch. Make curry with love. Make curry with the spices they are ready for. This sex is on fire. All you need to do is start with onions, garlic and ginger.

This pork is Delectable Pork in a Mustard Spice Mix. I didn’t even have the mustard seed and it worky so goody.


Oh Brussels Sprout


Whole, you are dead to me. Sure, you are a veg so I suppose you think that you are already dead, but you are that much deader to me should you arrive on my plate entier.


My friend, we’ll call him “Josh,” tipped me off to the chopping of the sprout. It was a hot, little number that involved bacon-y bits and pine nuts. One bite and I enjoyed an old vegetable enemy with new vegetable potential.

You can treat a chopped Brussels sprout like any run-of-the-mill cabbage. But when you cook them, you MUST sing. Sing from the heart. The lyrics. The meaning. Your struggles. Other people’s struggles. Love. Quand On N’a [beat] Que L’amour.


Veal Epaule
Fried egg on top
Brussels Sprout ditty that I call “Fanette” – onions, garlic, sprouts, pine nuts bubbled in duck fat.

Duck fat

Crispy Onions


Lunch today began last night when I chopped a small onion for some pork meat balls that I decided not to use. Along with the washing up, my little, chopped onion sat out for the rest of the evening while I attended to more pressing matters of reviewing the World of Warcraft episode of South Park. The next day, breakfast came and went. Cows were moved. Hay was laid out. Market was complete. When lunch rolled around, I decided to do a little song and dance with my pre-chopped onion and ground pork.

I’m a bit tired today so consequently I did everything wrong. But one right that happened were the onions. After a slow, hot butter bath, then removed, then added back in after the pork was browned, my onions went crispy.

Those crispy onions worked their crunchy magic until lunch tasted right. Yum was had by all ( well me because Lucy had fishsticks and Brent had leftover beef curry ). My crispy onions will come out and play again very soon.

Though the plate appeal has a soft, dark brown bits-n-bobs look, the texture was amazing.

In this dish:
Ground pork
Brussel Sprouts
Pine Nuts


No Wheat Treats


For those of you in search of sweets without wheat, let me introduce to you the country of France. A country where cream is king. Sweets start with cream and build upon this custard or egg white-y base.

Oh sure they do “cake” but said “cake” looks like a cake, feels like a mousse ( snuggled with sponge ).


Don’t be frightened of mousse. It’s actually straightforward. Even if you suck at making mousse, your effort will still arrive with mousse-y characteristics thus tricking your target with culinary, mousse-y delight.


After many attempts with chocolate mousse, I’ve settled in on 4×4 Chocolate Mousse TM.

4 eggs
4 oz chocolate

It’s easy to remember so when you have five people, a cat, a dog and some chickens talking to you at the same time, you will not mess up the ratio.

Separate the eggs
Melt the chocolate
Whisk the yellows
Beat the whites
Fold it all together gently
Put in cute ramekins or little espresso cups
Chill, girl. Just chill

It’s gonna be a’ite

Yeah, That’s Right Stir-Fry Bee-Y


Stir-fry tonight. Long-day-short, we love veggies and there’s nothing more spectacular than onion-ginger-garlic trifecta in hot, bubbly lard. Oh and some veal scraps tossed in for good measure.


With a little veal leftover for breaky, I think we’ve made the most of this good doctor.


Red peppers

Veal tendron
Veal escalope

Fish sauce
Soy sauce
Hot pepper paste

Enough is never enough.

Why Hello Foie Gras, I Missed You


I’m trying my best to space out the pots of foie gras I have in the fridge. But I could no longer hold out. There are still a few pots left. I see a foie gras omelette in my future.

… And yes, that is a pair of special wire cutters in the background that are supposed to be used for your special bicycle “fixie” collection and instead we use them for fencing. It’s the Gascon way, use what you have and make what you don’t have.