Burgers and Beans


There is a song – “Burgers and Beans” – Minty will sing it for you. To the same tune you can also appreciate “pork and peas” as well as “spicy beef and chutney that I won’t eat because I’m holding out for the fish sticks.” Classic Curtis hits available for download soon.

We’re not serving beans with these burgers. Our family friends in the villa next door are leaving so we prepared a few other fixens to go with the burgers.

The burgers will be lovely just the same.

I fry my burgers in lard. So should you. Don’t be frightened. Lard, you see, is good for you.

Burgers Stuffed With:

3 eggs
Dried green onion

Made into burgers, fried in lard

Okay boys, dinner time!
… They can’t hear me because their Internet is off. Ug. I suppose I’ll need to, like, knock.

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