Emily, Duck!

This is Emily

Sure it’s a tit freezing day in Seattle. Sure finding charcoal amongst candy canes, fruitcake and brass plated golf tees can be trying. But leave it to Emily, our master chef of the day, to wrangle the crowds scouting out banana leaves, choice duck breast and put out a 3-D cookie with style.

Girl On Grill Action done in cookie medium

Shopping List:
Duck Breasts
Marmalade for a some slimy, sticky sweet breast rub action
Banana Leaves
Azuki Beans (sweetened red beans)
Carrots with their tops on, modest
Green Onions (Scallion, Spring Onions, same shit)
Something fizzy and fabulous to drink

aaah. perty

The fancy beans and banana leaves were picked up at our local Asian grocer de especial Uwajimaya. A place so fine you can pick up what’s for dinner and still leave with some Cream Collon and Totoro books.


To warm things up a bit, Emily lit the coals and cracked open Kirkland’s finest champagne.

mmmm. bubbles

Rachel popped by as well and a champagne taste off commenced. Veuve Clicquot vs Costco’s Kirkland Signature Champagne. Kirkland was up first.

kirkland's finest vs fancy label

Shockingly nice. Good bubble. Another sip is well deserved. Both Rachel and Emily sported the frown nod for Kirkland’s finest. Veuve Clicquot next, huh, a bit bitter. Nice, but how much nicer than Kirkland? Worth extra change for the privilege of advertisement? Both seemed to be solid bottles of mass produced, non-vintage champagne. One bottle starts at forty bucks while the other a mere twenty.

a sip of Kirkland a sip of voov rachel sips

Then the duck was on. Duck fat doing it’s duck fat thing agitated the coals and we had ourselves an impressive flame.


rachel paints her nails

Carrot girl handed our master chef the carrots and the grill was lidded. After a rest and a failed attempt at a foil bird, the green onions were on. The flames are hot, so don’t go for a refill. Minus a few casualties, the onions were perfect. The sweet tango of duck, caramelized carrot and grilled green onions danced in the mouths of these girls as the morsels were eaten –no- devoured and washed down with a fine bottle of generic champagne.

Go go carrot girl


foiled duck

mmmm duck plate combo

Quick shoe break as the Endless shipment arrived (free overnight shipping oh maw gaw!! If loving Endless is wrong GIRL, I don’ wanna be rightah) and it’s on to dessert.

SHOES!!! Pink cowgirl boots!! GET OUT!!!

Emily quickly whipped up some dessert tamales with sweet red beans and a surprise date all snuggled with masa then bundled and tucked in a banana leaf. After a little sit on the grill, these little babies came out steamy hot and melted in the mouth. Another impressive concoction to dazzle and amaze your friends. And easy to boot!

girl on grill chat

Rachel’s inner chocolate daemon scouted out some frozen brownie bites. This led to grilled brownie done two ways. Version one, straight up brownie on grill action. Version two, hey! banana leaves! … let’s stick some in here!

mmmmm. brownie

The straight up brownie was warm and tasty, but quite dry. The banana leaf version was warm, moist yet had this banana leaf overtone that impersonated green tea. Not this girl’s style.

more grill chat

Okay, so the duck breast, carrot, green onion combo plate converged on a Grand Canyon at sunset color, the taste was FABULOUS. Emily closed down the fall barbeque season with sass. And in true Girl On Grill Action™ form, she walked in the door and it was on.

grillin' and chattin let's go eat

grilin' more grillin'

this way to more photeez –>

White Hot Charcoal

chimney. get one. love one

This charcoal chimney thing is really simple and nothing to fear. I’ve photographed two gals who have never done the chimney before. On their first try, the charcoal came out perfect. It’s really the only way to light charcoal. The chimney works without fail.

Quick steps:
1. Remove the top grill of the barbeque
2. Put the charcoal in the top bin in the chimney
3. Put some wadded up newspaper in the bottom part of the chimney

bottom bit
4. Stick the thing in the grill
5. Light the paper and wait
6. When it starts flaming and the charcoal appears white, it’s ready
7. Grab some tongs and a pot holder to avoid burning your hands
8. Grab the handle with the pot holder and the little metal flippy bit with the tongs and carefully pour into the grill
9. You now have white, hot charcoal for you to play with

remove grill need newspaper

light the bottom bit nice and hot

careful with that hot stuff  pouring

White Hot Charcoal

white charcoal is good charcoal


This is Jennifer

Meet Jennifer our very first Girl On Grill Action™ grill girl of the month. Jennifer is not much of a beach fan, but acquiesced to aesthetic pressure. Jennifer doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach or hot, sandy burgers with beans.

Boots yah hot boots only

She is fairly straightforward with her grilling. Full on meat with bun as garnish is her style. Pop it on the grill and grill the beejeezus out of it. With enough sauce and a nice pair of shoes, everything tastes fantastic. Wash it down with some Sprited vodka and you’ve got yourself a good time. Even better, a great meal.

Hot Coals Only

show us your tats

Here’s a little concoction she whips up. Take it away Jennifer …

I do actually have a fave BBQ thingie. I call it Ghetto Grillas! Sometimes all you can afford and/or find in a pinch is the prepackaged beef patties, the carni-quivalent of Government Cheese. No need to despair because you can do like I do! Let those bad boys defrost in a bowl, break em up, and squash them with a package of Lipton Onion Soup. Even the lowliest of supermarkets have these freeze-dried powder packets, or some generic facsimile.
Grill to your lil heart’s desire, and prepare to fall over from the deliciousness you’ve created with such humble ingredients!

smile perty

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