White Hot Charcoal

chimney. get one. love one

This charcoal chimney thing is really simple and nothing to fear. I’ve photographed two gals who have never done the chimney before. On their first try, the charcoal came out perfect. It’s really the only way to light charcoal. The chimney works without fail.

Quick steps:
1. Remove the top grill of the barbeque
2. Put the charcoal in the top bin in the chimney
3. Put some wadded up newspaper in the bottom part of the chimney

bottom bit
4. Stick the thing in the grill
5. Light the paper and wait
6. When it starts flaming and the charcoal appears white, it’s ready
7. Grab some tongs and a pot holder to avoid burning your hands
8. Grab the handle with the pot holder and the little metal flippy bit with the tongs and carefully pour into the grill
9. You now have white, hot charcoal for you to play with

remove grill need newspaper

light the bottom bit nice and hot

careful with that hot stuff  pouring

White Hot Charcoal

white charcoal is good charcoal

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