This is Jennifer

Meet Jennifer our very first Girl On Grill Action™ grill girl of the month. Jennifer is not much of a beach fan, but acquiesced to aesthetic pressure. Jennifer doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach or hot, sandy burgers with beans.

Boots yah hot boots only

She is fairly straightforward with her grilling. Full on meat with bun as garnish is her style. Pop it on the grill and grill the beejeezus out of it. With enough sauce and a nice pair of shoes, everything tastes fantastic. Wash it down with some Sprited vodka and you’ve got yourself a good time. Even better, a great meal.

Hot Coals Only

show us your tats

Here’s a little concoction she whips up. Take it away Jennifer …

I do actually have a fave BBQ thingie. I call it Ghetto Grillas! Sometimes all you can afford and/or find in a pinch is the prepackaged beef patties, the carni-quivalent of Government Cheese. No need to despair because you can do like I do! Let those bad boys defrost in a bowl, break em up, and squash them with a package of Lipton Onion Soup. Even the lowliest of supermarkets have these freeze-dried powder packets, or some generic facsimile.
Grill to your lil heart’s desire, and prepare to fall over from the deliciousness you’ve created with such humble ingredients!

smile perty

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