Three Pizzas On The Grill

Pizza on grill

Grilling pizza seems an odd concept to grasp at first, but once you do it, there’s no going back. Rachel whipped up some lovely pizza. Here are the bits and pieces she laid down.

Figgy one

Pizza One:
Figgy, Cheesy, Hamness
This was the best pizza of the three. Maybe even the best pizza I’ve ever had. I don’t even like figs unless they’ve been Newtoned and still it was yummy. It was more complicated than the other two only in that you had to mix stuff into the Ricotta, no biggie.

bring me some figgy

You need:
Some ripe figs
Blue Cheese
Fresh basil
One little bit of a Garlic bulb

Fold and pile leaves chop girl

Cut the figs in half. Done with figs.
Chiffinade the basil ( or “Bah-zil” for the commonwealth ). Itsy bitsy the Garlic. Then, smoosh the Garlic with the basil with a bit of salt. Mix the pasty stuff in with the Ricotta. That’s your sauce. Put that on first and pile the rest on top.

premelty pizza

Pizza Two:
Simple, basic pizza with a little punch.

You need:
Fresh mozzerella
Tomato Sauce
Cappicola (this is the punch)

Nothing fancy here. Lay down the sauced. Invite the ham to join in. Pop on the mozz and basil, presto.

simple pizza



Pizza Three:

A little something for the veg heads. Rachel took advantage of the heat and grilled up the veggies first, then readied the dough.

grilled veg

You need:
Some pretty looking pepper (or capsicum. We’re here for you Australia)
Balsamic vinegar
Fresh mozzerella

soft and grill like

Debitter the eggplant with a little salt, pepper (or “salper” as an old friend used to say) and vinegar. Rachel got a little carried away with the quick pour vinegar and still it was lovely. Grill ‘em up and set aside. When you’re ready to top, pesto first, veg then cheese. The grilled veggies were AMAZING. I thought it would take awhile to get soft and flavored, but oh no, it was quick. I love heat.

Salper the eggplant hot hot hot eating pizza

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