Yeah, That’s Right Stir-Fry Bee-Y


Stir-fry tonight. Long-day-short, we love veggies and there’s nothing more spectacular than onion-ginger-garlic trifecta in hot, bubbly lard. Oh and some veal scraps tossed in for good measure.


With a little veal leftover for breaky, I think we’ve made the most of this good doctor.


Red peppers

Veal tendron
Veal escalope

Fish sauce
Soy sauce
Hot pepper paste

Enough is never enough.

When Stir-Fry Falls Short


Stir-fry was a lovely yum-filled evening but for a veal nub waiting in the wings.
You can see amongst the Robert and the Antifragile, sometimes work mixes with pleasure.


The boys hit their limit quickly. Otto totally dug the soba deep fried in bacon fat. Go bacon fat! Brent ate his share and let the kids finish what was left.


But there are more beings interested in our calories.


… And these chicks


Veal nub devoured, stir-fry gone, we shower and sleep and wait for brighter days involving more at-our-reach ingredients. Please, people resist the temptation to Eat Out. That is all.

Stir-Fry: Peppers, Mushrooms


I generally suck at stir-fry despite my earnest efforts. In support of our family food basics to find vehicles for animal fat in our daily meals, I gave ‘er another go. These are the tips that turned bad stir-fry good:

– prepare everything before getting your pan hot
– use two ingredients. In this case, peppers and mushrooms. ( garlic, onions and ginger (G.O.G?) don’t count. They are a given. )
– use lots of lard ( lard has a high heating point )
– get the pan really,really hot
– buy yourself some fish sauce which is clearly the “crack” of the stir-fry world.
– do the G.O.G. first, then the other bits
– season towards the end

After my stir-fry was ready, I added some fresh parsley and a bit of chopped cilantro. The result? It worked! My first stir-fry gone right. I think the garlic-onion-ginger trifecta with a splash of fish sauce sealed the deal.