Stir-Fry: Peppers, Mushrooms


I generally suck at stir-fry despite my earnest efforts. In support of our family food basics to find vehicles for animal fat in our daily meals, I gave ‘er another go. These are the tips that turned bad stir-fry good:

– prepare everything before getting your pan hot
– use two ingredients. In this case, peppers and mushrooms. ( garlic, onions and ginger (G.O.G?) don’t count. They are a given. )
– use lots of lard ( lard has a high heating point )
– get the pan really,really hot
– buy yourself some fish sauce which is clearly the “crack” of the stir-fry world.
– do the G.O.G. first, then the other bits
– season towards the end

After my stir-fry was ready, I added some fresh parsley and a bit of chopped cilantro. The result? It worked! My first stir-fry gone right. I think the garlic-onion-ginger trifecta with a splash of fish sauce sealed the deal.


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