Crispy Onions


Lunch today began last night when I chopped a small onion for some pork meat balls that I decided not to use. Along with the washing up, my little, chopped onion sat out for the rest of the evening while I attended to more pressing matters of reviewing the World of Warcraft episode of South Park. The next day, breakfast came and went. Cows were moved. Hay was laid out. Market was complete. When lunch rolled around, I decided to do a little song and dance with my pre-chopped onion and ground pork.

I’m a bit tired today so consequently I did everything wrong. But one right that happened were the onions. After a slow, hot butter bath, then removed, then added back in after the pork was browned, my onions went crispy.

Those crispy onions worked their crunchy magic until lunch tasted right. Yum was had by all ( well me because Lucy had fishsticks and Brent had leftover beef curry ). My crispy onions will come out and play again very soon.

Though the plate appeal has a soft, dark brown bits-n-bobs look, the texture was amazing.

In this dish:
Ground pork
Brussel Sprouts
Pine Nuts


Blood, Sweat and Tears


True fact: ” blood, sweat and tears ” was a phrase coined by a meh-hee-can lady in her kitchen.

Sweat: cooking for the gauchos will make you sweat. They work hard and they’re mighty hungry.

Tears: chopping onions brings tears to your eyes no matter what technique you use.

Blood: with teary eyes, sometimes one can get a wee bit too confident with the super sharp, onion chopping knife.

But when you are cooking leftover pork roast that came out quite juicy what with all the fat and slow cooking, a tear shed makes you feel like you’ve made a little impact on the world.

Pork, avocado, salsa and Mexican zucchini locked and loaded for this evening’s meal.