Norwegian Salmon


To a Seattlite, a sin. To a lady feeding eight in Southwest France, a yummy treat! At eight or ten Euros a kilo, I pick this fat slab of farmed fishy up at the super march. Fry gently in duck fat. Served with slaw, left over rice and some broc-cheese.

K. Gotta flip. Bob appetite.

Dinner: Fish Cakes with Iceberg Wedgettes and Special Sauce


Fish cakes tonight.

Some mash pots
Some white fish
Couple eggs
Salt and pep
Leeks precooked in buttah

Little cakes floured lightly ( in Einkorn ) and fried in lard with butter.


I made some “special sauce” to go with. A little something that makes iceberg lettuce and fishcakes taste like a McDonald’s Burger. One bite of special sauce and fishcake instantly took me to plastic playground happy meals with toy surprises that failed to fulfill my hopes and dreams.

My husband took a bite of fishcake with special sauce and quickly followed with, “mmm. Big Mac.”

Not unlike Mock Apple Pie with the Ritz crackers and cinnamon ( no apples ), the special sauce is the quintessential Quarter Pounder umami.

Special Sauce:

Fish Tacos Without The Taco Bit


Lieu Noir in French. I didn’t know what it was, but it was affordable and looked fresh. In Google translate it is Saithe or Coley. Er? Wah? Turns out, it’s Pollock. I went with it and gave it an eggy bath then dipped in Einkorn with salt – pep. Very tasty! I served with salsa, avocado, cream, salad and some rice. The fish taco, you see, is but a wrapper ( heh-heh heh heh. It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under ). You can happily fish taco without the corn tortilla. An olive, balsamic vinegar was also available for any fatty loobing needed.

I must say, I was quite happy with fish taco without the taco bit. I might need to try this part right here again.

Fish Stew Tonight and Dancing With My Dad


Oh you know, some onions, a blob of garlic, dash of hot stuff. Add some toms get all brothy. Then add some fish. Fish stew. Yum

Meanwhile and much more importantly, your daughter would like to step on your toes and do a little jig to whatever is playing ( Britney. That’s how we roll ). Just like I did not so long ago with my Dad. A little dance on the toes with my Dad makes my world go ’round.


This is the look of absolute, unrefined joy when you are a wee one looking at your mum or dad as they twirl you around feet on feet.

Here’s a Quick Kid Dinner


When the kids are screaming in your ear about how they are dying from lack of food and you need to pull some magic out quick while sticking to your core values, we answer that with fish sticks. Normally, I fry in lard. As I’m all outta lard ( I’m so lost without you ), I went with my new pet fat, tallow. Because hey, if it worked Mc-D, then dern it, it can work for me.


We served with peas.

Husband was curious where his plate was. “Pot-au-Feu for us tonight,” I said. “Oh yum. Pot-au-Feu. Wow. Can’t wait. Sweetums, honey o’mine. Mmm. Mm, yeah I noticed you worked a couple days on that … What with skimming the fat and straining the bits to uncover a lovely, beefy broth,” were his words. His eyes, however, said “fishsticks, darlin’ and a dash o’ mayo.”.

Kid dinner … Adult dinner, really it’s a matter to be hankered with.

You Make Me Want To Trout!

The Trout Looks Good

Three Trout

Fish is such a tricky little bugger to grill. Sure you can pouch it or wrap it in banana leaves or parchment or bacon, but how is that different from cooking on the stove? So we here at Girl On Grill Action decided to stick the whole damn trout on the grill and see what happened. Grillmaster Adie, a recovering vegetarian, stepped right up to handle the slithery, slimy beast. Sure she was apprehensive. Sure she was wondering if this was such a good idea. After she shoved lemon, fresh herbs and a wee bit of salt and pepper (pah push it) in its belly, her concerns were off having a drink at the pub. As she walked the little monster to the hot grill, she was reminded of the crush she had on the drummer of Lake Trout. So many drummers, so little time. The trout (fish) was popped on the grill and grilled for awhile and then simply flipped for symmetry. The fish came out perfect with all the juicy oils still intact. This trout business will not dry out on the grill. She flaked some big chunks on the plate over a little puddle of pesto. A few cucumber spears and some overcooked broccoli and you’ve got yourself some gourmay-I-have-some-more-please shit. Also noted was the wow factor bringing trout on the road. Bring an entire fish, eyeballs and all to a labor day barbeque and looky whose going to be Ms. Popular. We loved the trout, much better than Cats, we’d do it again and again.

Slimey Fish Giggling Girl Wiith My Bare Hands?


Adie Used:

Trout, whole with eyes




Salt and Pepper

Trout With Herbs and Lemon

Evil Eye





Behold our very cute, very cold BBQT of the month, Mary. Despite stellar coaching from the veggie dudes – “Like a TIGER. Like a TI-ger” – Mary held strong to smile for the camera while picking up some delicious produce. Ready to dazzle the lens with her fancy shirt, we had to abort Mission: Tank Top as Seattle decided to celebrate March by bucketing down snow. Isn’t it out like a lamb? Mary is no stranger to the grill. In her house, the grill moves for everyone. Mary’s spot is near the kitchen while others move the grill near the beautiful, lake view. Not much of a winter griller, she likes to wait until the pickin’s are fresh and local. Her favorite: Weird Fish. It don’t matter, you can do amazing things with fish. One of her favs involves fresh salmon (not farmed!) topped with the marriage of soy sauce to maple syrup. I do!  Seattle’s salmon is so deliciously plentiful while also easy on the pocketbook. Even the local pub will have salmon on the menu next to the club sandwich. Seattle definitely has a culinary g-spot with its access to incredible, local ingredients. Other fishy favs are Halibut (don’t forget, it’s Halibut season NOW!) along with anything you can stick on a stick. Cuz remember, you can kebab damn near anything. This BBQT crusts up the Halibut in a hot, hot pan (yes, on the stove) skin side up. After a nice crust has been established, she’ll pop in on the grill to finish it off with lemon pepper and salt. YUM!

Fishy Fishy The fish dude


don't forget the flowers