Here’s a Quick Kid Dinner


When the kids are screaming in your ear about how they are dying from lack of food and you need to pull some magic out quick while sticking to your core values, we answer that with fish sticks. Normally, I fry in lard. As I’m all outta lard ( I’m so lost without you ), I went with my new pet fat, tallow. Because hey, if it worked Mc-D, then dern it, it can work for me.


We served with peas.

Husband was curious where his plate was. “Pot-au-Feu for us tonight,” I said. “Oh yum. Pot-au-Feu. Wow. Can’t wait. Sweetums, honey o’mine. Mmm. Mm, yeah I noticed you worked a couple days on that … What with skimming the fat and straining the bits to uncover a lovely, beefy broth,” were his words. His eyes, however, said “fishsticks, darlin’ and a dash o’ mayo.”.

Kid dinner … Adult dinner, really it’s a matter to be hankered with.


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