Confit Revealed


The confit has surfaced from its little retreat at flavor camp. And it came out … Delicious! Okay, so you stick duck bits in a vat of hot fat and fah-git about it. Not hard, but you need to be patient. You need to have the time ( and a hefty glass of wine ). You need to love duck. This is my third time with duck confit and this is what it takes:

Ducky bits, legs and/or machons
Bay leaves

Salt and pepper over night
The next day you can rinse or not rinse
Stick in a big pot and cover with duck fat for an hour or two or so I don’t even remember how long these beauties bubbled


You can stick it in a jar if you wish. I stuck my big vat in the fridge then, a week or so later, I heated it up enough to pull some out for dinner and shoved the rest in a bag. They sell confit in bags around here. I like to do like they do. I’m not certain how long it lasts in a bag, therefore I recommend you eat it in the best way you know how.


  1. And you have the added plus of all that lovely duck fat! It’s surprisingly good for you (better than beef fat, anyway…)

    • Yes! We eat a lot of duck fat around here. I love it.
      I’m starting to play around with beef fat. It’s grass fed ( no corn ) so the fat is surprisingly good for you.

    • seriously easy, but don’t forget the bay leaf and thyme. I’ve found a lot of recipes that leave this out. A few spices make your confit stand out.

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