One Tasty a-Meatball


Sausage meaty balls tonight. A Nigel Slater recipe that keeps on giving. ( from his book Appetite ).

I usually do the lemongrass version, but tonight we do European porky balls. What you see above is:

Pork en vrac ( crap, what’s that in ‘merican. Loose? Just like my men )


Naturally and usually I fry these balls in lard. As I lost all my lard, I would usually turn to duck fat, but I’m mad at duck fat. So I used some tallow. We run a beef farm and tallow is something I need to acquaint myself with.

Porky yum balls were served with broth ‘n’ parsley and some mash ( because there’s no way my kids are sticking meatballs in broth, but let me tell you this: meatballs of the pork variety are absolutely lovely in broth
with fresh parsley. That is all. ).


    • I appreciate that because up until your reply I’ve been singing “all out of lard.”

  1. You know the guitar player there is a lefty but he plays with his guitar strung for a righty. The story I heard as a kid was that he borrowed his brother’s right-handed guitar and just learned the chords upside down.

    But what a song for youtube wars! Sickening production but a very well written song, although I hate the break. In its favor it does have the big buildup to the sincere quiet piano/voice section and an OTT orchestral ending.

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