Bodie. It’s Alive!

kitchen benchtop

After much pressure from my husband, I finally created life with him other than human.  This is Bodie.  He is our sourdough starter.  Below, you can see he has just been fed.  He will bubble and froth soon.

Bodie, our sourdough starter

A ladle of this fermented beast mixed with flour, salt, duck fat and warm water will bring sourdough joy to serve with many things.

Zélie did the advanced dry pour, I added water.  We stretched and kneaded for five minutes or so.  After, we did some loaves.

she likes to whisk

It runs something like this:

  • A kilo of flour
  • 25 g of salt
  • A big scoop of duck fat
  • 600ml of water
  • A ladle of Bodie ( or your Bodie equivalent )

Mix it in and do the stretchy knead thing.  Things will be sticky.  This was a rye loaf so only needs one rising.  From here, make your loaves.  After a few hours, bake ’em.  Let ’em cool.  Stop calling them ’em and add a big butter pat.  It’s fun to say, “butter pat.”  More importantly a good butter pat will make you healthy.

Bodie has serverd us with two loaves of bread thus far.  To honor his namesake I offer you this tribute.  R.I.P. real Bodie, May 1946 – November 2013.

She Likes To Cook In Roller Blades


Our little chef found some super grand roller blades left in our rental house by a friend. She’s been rolling around ever since. She’s going through a Ramona Flowers phase. She loves to carry my lovely plates with hot stuff carrying knives so I can practice not freaking out. I have a lot of practice.

She pats her grassfed beef patty dry to avoid boiling the meat and instead give it a nice lardy browning. She likes her burger browned on the outside and red on the inside. A nub of butter, a crack of pepper and it rests while she finishes up the potatoes.


Because Sometimes, It’s A Night For Fishsticks


I will tell you this, I’m no sensory- tub mom. I’m no play-date mom. I’m no teach-my-kids-to-read-by-two mom ( though I do own flashcards. The first born was horrible, so we never got around to it and she taught her own damn self to read damn it ). I stopped breastfeeding well before they could say or point to the word “breast.”. I am a mom who loves her kids and hopes to raise them on the best food possible. This goes against the pyramid. Against popular health. We want our kids to eat real food that was raised well be it animal or vegetable. Cereal is junk. Bacon ( from our neighbor’s pasture ) is quality. But sometimes when the kids are playing ( read screaming ) through their second week of vacation, a mom needs a quickie that keeps the troops at bay. Standby fish sticks. A quick fry in lard served with a blob of mayo and you have yourself a giggly evening of giddy kids and tons O’ fun.

Here’s a Quick Kid Dinner


When the kids are screaming in your ear about how they are dying from lack of food and you need to pull some magic out quick while sticking to your core values, we answer that with fish sticks. Normally, I fry in lard. As I’m all outta lard ( I’m so lost without you ), I went with my new pet fat, tallow. Because hey, if it worked Mc-D, then dern it, it can work for me.


We served with peas.

Husband was curious where his plate was. “Pot-au-Feu for us tonight,” I said. “Oh yum. Pot-au-Feu. Wow. Can’t wait. Sweetums, honey o’mine. Mmm. Mm, yeah I noticed you worked a couple days on that … What with skimming the fat and straining the bits to uncover a lovely, beefy broth,” were his words. His eyes, however, said “fishsticks, darlin’ and a dash o’ mayo.”.

Kid dinner … Adult dinner, really it’s a matter to be hankered with.