Dinner: Fish Cakes with Iceberg Wedgettes and Special Sauce


Fish cakes tonight.

Some mash pots
Some white fish
Couple eggs
Salt and pep
Leeks precooked in buttah

Little cakes floured lightly ( in Einkorn ) and fried in lard with butter.


I made some “special sauce” to go with. A little something that makes iceberg lettuce and fishcakes taste like a McDonald’s Burger. One bite of special sauce and fishcake instantly took me to plastic playground happy meals with toy surprises that failed to fulfill my hopes and dreams.

My husband took a bite of fishcake with special sauce and quickly followed with, “mmm. Big Mac.”

Not unlike Mock Apple Pie with the Ritz crackers and cinnamon ( no apples ), the special sauce is the quintessential Quarter Pounder umami.

Special Sauce:

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