Potato Cakes Fried In Duck Fat


I feel bad, sometimes, that I have a surplus of duck fat. I have friends in America who finally find a duck fat source and they buy two little pots ( were I there, I would do the same ). I’m guessing they ration it as I can imagine duck fat being an effort to purchase. I’ll bet it’s expensive too. I have duck fat everywhere at the moment. Leftover from confit. Leftover from duck breasts that Brent cooked. Bags and Ikea bags full in my freezer. I have a jar of duck fat by my stove. I tossed some duck fat out for the birds. Our friend is a duck farmer, can you tell?

So when it comes to leftover mash, nothing ties a dish together like duck fat. Potatoes and duck fat are a match made in culinary heaven ( or whatever ethereal culinary nirvana you believe in ).

In these cakes:

Leftover mash:
Creme fraiche

Next Day Cakes:
One farm fresh egg
Dash o’ salt
Duck fat in hot pan

Medium heat to get a little puff, then turn it up a bit to brown and get it all cakey-like.

Potatoes are not a frequent side on our family table, but when the root veg does a service clinging cream and fat together, I have no issue serving.

This dish was made with the doors wide open. The sun is shining. The retriever is opportunistically positioned.


I suppose we’ve opportunistically positioned our farm in duck country.

Have you hugged your local duck farmer today?

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