Pepper Fennel


Though an awesome name for an emerging investment banking firm, it’s actually a little dish to be served with some veal-roast-turn-curry.


My ” ‘n’ sauce ” has evolved into some form of curry. I love curry and IT MUST be made from scratch. Absolutely no cheats or pastes allowed. If you have leftover meaty bits, stick it in a curry. Cauliflower surprise works better than rice for rice. But if you ate the cauliflower, reach for pepper-fennel. Triple ‘A’ rating guaranteed.

A Little Christmas Spirit In a Stuffed Pepper


Totally unintentional, but stuffed peppers are all about Christmas and stuff. Some diced mushies, garlic, onion and a few bits of pepper with a hot, butter bath will provide you with enough bits to pop in your peppers and cover with cheese. A slow roasted, stuffed pepper is always a welcome friend for any menu.