Macarons Again


This photo is inside-out and upside-down. I really should read the manual for my very shattered iPhone, but I’m showing you that I’m getting close. Yes, I know it feels like I’m sharing the raw data that will support my book, “Fucking Up Macarons: Let Me Count The Ways.”. Each iteration brings new, tasty mistakes.


Not only did I not fold, I also used noix de coco rapee. The recipe clearly asks for noix de coco en poudre. And I overlooked it. Did I mention that I have a one-year-old? Thus explains my solid march into “macaroon” territory.

Through this, I see clearly that should I ever find myself in a hip new band with a hunky bass player, I will put in the hat “Desiccated Coconut” as a band name to be reckoned with.


I happened to have a little coconut powder on hand, but not enough. I filled in with the shredded cousin.

Folding didn’t work at all because I essentially made coconut marzipan. So I whipped the crap out of it with a balloon whisk.

All this effort to reliably repeat a flour-free cookie for my family to enjoy.
Next time, I’ll try the ones with the almond powder.

Cookies of Two Dimensions


One recipe, two methods. Cookie Left: chilled dough, convection oven. Cookie Right: dough done then cooked normally.

Convection cookies presented perky with some chewiness while normal cookies were flat but crispy.

It’s a preference really.

My sample size of m ( ‘m’ for men ) were split.

Comments for convection-

M1: meh. Chewy. I’m not into chewy

M2: mgrats mgrood. ( translated by wife as “that is good, Honey, how lovely of you to make cookies. Is it possible that I could clean up and then sweep the floor after?” )