Beef Yum in Lettuce


So we watch some food shows. The kids were completely taken by beef yum delivered in lettuce by M. Ramsey. So we gave ‘er a go with what we have. I held back on the hot peppers, but otherwise we did as he do.

– brown pork ( or bacon in our case )
– brown mince
– remove from pan. Remove excess fat
– soften and slowly cook the onions
– add the garlic and ginger
– add the beef and pork back in
– season with fish sauce and some soy sauce

We added some parsley when all was said and done.

Do not boil your mince. With a hot pan and some lard, take it slow and do it in batches.


Who knew that beefy ginger yum in lettuce would be a big hit with the chitlans. I think kids love the assembly side of cuisine.

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