Why Not Say It With Sponge


On the list of low-to-no flour desserts is sponge cake. Essentially a sweet omelette, this beauty can be a bit tricky to get right. But when you do, you feel like a true champion. And don’t you be reaching for corn starch easy-outs. That’s cheating and you’ll find it lacking in rich flavor.

Tame and yellow your egg yolks with a splash of sugar
Fluff your egg whites also with a splash of sugar
Gently marry them add a dash of salt a generous pinch of baking powder and a few tablespoons on flour

Et voila

Cook for twenty minutes on average heat

We cooled ( barely ) and slathered in Nutella

Now, you can add a splash of milk, butter and vanilla … but we forgot and consequently made one of the best sponges this side of the Pyrenees. Love to share, but it’s gone.

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