When Good Macarons Go Roon


I tried to make these fancy pants macarons.


But through rough translation and not seeing any reference to “folding” into your eggwhites … okay, I overbeat. I didn’t fold. But I moved on. I stuck it in the oven to see what would happen.

This is what happened, my delicate, cookie turned into what Americans call, “macaroons.”. This is a coconut explosion of chewy goodness. I feel I’ve reconstructed history. Macaron – Macaroon … It’s some American ( like me ) trying to get all fancy and failing, but in a very tasty way. These macaroons were very edible. Mark my words. And I imagine making them in the future, but maybe dipping them in chocolate somewhat.

And Whoa, Behold ‘Tis The Time for Fruit Crisp


That’s it. Ease your fruit fresh, frozen or otherwise into a casserole pan. Splash some water and a dash of salt. Do your magic butter- flour crumble move ( cup of flour, cup of sugar, 1/2 cup of butter ) and ruffle fluff it on top with a dash or two of cinnamon. Stick that baby in the oven ( standard 350F ) for thirty minutes to bake your fruit crisp heaven.


If it comes out a little wet, stick it in a crepe and call it French.

Burgers with MoJo JoJo(s)


Burgers tonight. From lovely “88.”. She was a good cow. A fat cow that delivered yum-ness to our customers. I think we’re improving.


And MoJo Potatoes. Which are really potato wedges. Which are really MoJoes. I’m not even sure if it is MoJo’s or MoJoes. I don’t even care, but if you want to JoJo your MoJoes, you need special ‘erbs and spices.
And some duck fat.


I’m not a packaged food fan, but our friend Paul moved house from Paris to America and left behind some lovin’ chicken rub.


So I gave ‘er a go. Any packaged food that begins with “brown sugar” is sure to be a success with most humans.
But really, there’s no harm in sugar, turmeric, garlic powder and ( insert favorite pet spice here ).

And it was yummy.


I’m a Fat Man, Myself

I stumbled into this conversation about our breakfast. My breakfast or how I slept last night would fall under “conversations I’d like to avoid because I’m not emotionally ready to jump into that demographic.”. But there we were, Kevin and I, talking about breakfast. So, I explained what we typically have in the wee morning as the sun rises, the coffee brews and the little ones open their eyes to a fresh new day.

It starts off with some rye bread that I baked the night before.


Sliced thin, then fried in foie gras fat or duck fat. I do love my local duck farmer. Have you hugged your local duck farmer today?


Slap a nice, thick spread of butter. Not margarine … more like “this better be f-in butter, butter'”


Then add a thin slice of liver paste on top to seal-the-deal. Yeah, so I have foie gras connections, I’m lucky, but any pate made with love ( and garlic ) will do you just fine.

We eat a lot of animal fat ( grassfed mostly ). After extensive research by my husband ( funded by the “how to keep your wife hot” foundation ), I experienced great weight loss and body heath by adding a hearty amount of animal fat to my diet. Believe me, I have HUGE potential.

These little, not-messed with-old-grain deals, fried in fat and covered with yum keep you going all morning and afternoon. You can’t eat too many because they’re very dense.

I never put much thought to our morning meal until it unfolded during my discussion with Kevin. I feel that I’m losing touch with mortal life. When is the next X-Factor?!

The Beefman Cometh


Our second grassfed beef offering has come and all gone. We had a quick taste and the taste was of beef. That beefy beef you remember when beef was bred and raised as beef.

All the good stuff has gone to our beef-loving customers. As farmers, we are left with some tasty “farmer cuts” that include a few perks.

As I ebullition my pot-au-feu, I feel a wave of beef recipes coming on. There are so many heart and toe warming dishes to get us through the cold winter months that will blow in soon … Oh so soon.

Melon Farcie (lamb)

Every time I go to the butcher, I find myself staring at “the brain.” The sign says, “melon farcie,” but what does that MEAN? Yes, it looks like a melon as well as a brain. Is their melon or brain involved in the making of this farcie? So I bought one. M. Butcher said it was lamb with sausage-like stuff in the middle. I’m not sure if it’s lamb sausage or pork. If I ever get around to making my own melon farcie, I will use lamb sausage. He said to cook it at 160C for about an hour and a half

… so I did

… and it was delicious!

For whatever reason, lamb is a bit ‘spense here in Southwest France, so I enjoy getting my lamb fix in with a little melon farcie. I’m a cattle farmer ( in training. it’s my husband who does the real deal ). I have plenty of room for lamb and sheep … it’s very tempting. I think I’ll take it one species at a time for the moment.

Pork Roast Tonight


Pork studded with garlic and chilled butter spears.


Who takes the time to slot holes in your pork roast and shove yum potential right in? Where do these recipes come from? It’s so easy to shove a pork roast in the oven for a couple of low heating hours and fill in the gaps with a sauce and a song.


But I took the time. Then I gave it a right browning. And then I covered it with thyme. The recipe called for rosemary, but my rosemary was killed by those damn free range chickens. So I went to a likeness of my favorite seasoning, Zatar. This is a wonderful mix of Lebanese magic and thyme that I learned from my friend Bassam. I absolutely love Zatar and I think I need to make Zatar ice cream just to show how much I care.


Cover that lovin’ with some thin bacon. If you can find bacon without sugar, then you will love yourself even more ( if that’s possible ).

This will be cooked slowly for an hour and a half. I have peppers and leeks. Hopefully there’s something there if I add garlic, onions and a splash of celery.

Fridge Snapshot


Foie Gras fat
Duck fat
Bacon fat
Foie Gras in a pot made by Lucy
Foie Gras in a pot made by Olivia

Vivace coffee beans ( from Seattle )
Pyrenees Mountain cheese from a dude named Alain

Buerre Cru ( unpasturised butter )
Grassfed Jersey butter. Cru.
Black olives

Pot au Feu ( with tasteless Blonde ) found in the freezer
Creamed Tuna ( leftover from lunch )
Beef surprise. Surprise! It tastes like beef!

Last batch of cookie dough ( with Einkorn flour, coconut, splash of oats and chocolate chunks )
Pumpkin purée from Otto’s pumpkin. Locked and loaded for pumpkin pie ( cue lard )