Thanksgiving Pot Pie


Okay, it’s not done yet, but I layered Thanksgiving in a pot pie. Sure it’s been done before, but I ain’t got time for interwebs. What I have is a lotta leftovers.

A turkey stock milky gravy, frozen peas, carrots, leftover roast yams, some leftover mashed pots, leftover turkey chopped that is all covered with leftover stuffing will hopefully make for a warming dinner tonight. Only time will tell.

I’ll let you know if it sucks.

One Branch for Leftover Chili


Do you have leftover chili? Yes
Do you have eggs? Yes

Get that chili bubbling, then fry up them eggs.
Note: that is a man thumb. This is Brent’s recipe and as such fried his own damn eggs.


After, pour some chili on top ( I feel a Def Leppard song coming on ) Should you have some cheese and a dollop of fat creme fraiche, your dish just got pimped.

Cafe Goya Memorial, he calls it. I know nothing about this Sydney cafe, but I do know this: fried eggs covered in chili are very yummy.

Fridge Snapshot


Foie Gras fat
Duck fat
Bacon fat
Foie Gras in a pot made by Lucy
Foie Gras in a pot made by Olivia

Vivace coffee beans ( from Seattle )
Pyrenees Mountain cheese from a dude named Alain

Buerre Cru ( unpasturised butter )
Grassfed Jersey butter. Cru.
Black olives

Pot au Feu ( with tasteless Blonde ) found in the freezer
Creamed Tuna ( leftover from lunch )
Beef surprise. Surprise! It tastes like beef!

Last batch of cookie dough ( with Einkorn flour, coconut, splash of oats and chocolate chunks )
Pumpkin purée from Otto’s pumpkin. Locked and loaded for pumpkin pie ( cue lard )