Burgers with MoJo JoJo(s)


Burgers tonight. From lovely “88.”. She was a good cow. A fat cow that delivered yum-ness to our customers. I think we’re improving.


And MoJo Potatoes. Which are really potato wedges. Which are really MoJoes. I’m not even sure if it is MoJo’s or MoJoes. I don’t even care, but if you want to JoJo your MoJoes, you need special ‘erbs and spices.
And some duck fat.


I’m not a packaged food fan, but our friend Paul moved house from Paris to America and left behind some lovin’ chicken rub.


So I gave ‘er a go. Any packaged food that begins with “brown sugar” is sure to be a success with most humans.
But really, there’s no harm in sugar, turmeric, garlic powder and ( insert favorite pet spice here ).

And it was yummy.