Naked Tomatoes


A customer of ours generously gave us some lovely tomatoes. Gorgeous things with amazing colors and shapes. I cut them up and stuck them on a plate. I could have stopped there. My basil was whining so I chopped some up and added a bit of salt, pepper and vinegar from down the road. A bit of a coldy chill in the fridge and this should be a nice treat with the lettuce they brought over.


Journey of The Cheap Tomato


For those of you following along at home, I did another dish with my cheap tomato starter. As a Mexican salsa, she did below average. As an American tomato sauce, not bad. As an Italian Bolognese, lovely. And today she ends her journey as a cheap tomato in an Indian curry of some description. I had to do it. I couldn’t let her down. The taste? Like a small war between India and Italy. I think it needs some time to settle, but the taste is first of India and then of Italy, but then quickly resolving in India again. There’s definitely a battle going on. It is edible and a fine farewell to my cheap tomatoes.

I served with the M.J. cauliflower recipe. It’s SOOO good, I suppose I should put a link in here.