And You Think


Here I am chopping up some veal in preparation for little stir fry after a running running boy party. My boy is eight. Our cows have at last stopped mooing for their mama. I’m really cold yet I wear purple stilettos and a short mini because, damn it, it’s Saturday. The onions make my eyes water. The ginger makes me salivate. Winter is still bringing on its wind and rain. But my boy, he is happy. And me? Heck yeah. This is exactly where I want to be.

Red pepper

Soy sauce
Fish sauce

and Veal Tendron

Is It Ready, The Pancake?

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Oh hello my little French speaking child. Is your pancake ready you ask? Why yes it is. And here’s some Nutella. Mommy and Daddy had a big day on the farm. If I had access to take out or Mcdo’s, I’d be all over that.

But instead, you get crepes smothered in rich, hazelnut ju-ju.
And you will turn out okay. And you can tell your mates at the pub that when mommy and daddy weaned the calves, you’d get pancakes. And I love you. Pancakes for dinner builds character.

Beef Yum in Lettuce


So we watch some food shows. The kids were completely taken by beef yum delivered in lettuce by M. Ramsey. So we gave ‘er a go with what we have. I held back on the hot peppers, but otherwise we did as he do.

– brown pork ( or bacon in our case )
– brown mince
– remove from pan. Remove excess fat
– soften and slowly cook the onions
– add the garlic and ginger
– add the beef and pork back in
– season with fish sauce and some soy sauce

We added some parsley when all was said and done.

Do not boil your mince. With a hot pan and some lard, take it slow and do it in batches.


Who knew that beefy ginger yum in lettuce would be a big hit with the chitlans. I think kids love the assembly side of cuisine.

Because Sometimes, It’s A Night For Fishsticks


I will tell you this, I’m no sensory- tub mom. I’m no play-date mom. I’m no teach-my-kids-to-read-by-two mom ( though I do own flashcards. The first born was horrible, so we never got around to it and she taught her own damn self to read damn it ). I stopped breastfeeding well before they could say or point to the word “breast.”. I am a mom who loves her kids and hopes to raise them on the best food possible. This goes against the pyramid. Against popular health. We want our kids to eat real food that was raised well be it animal or vegetable. Cereal is junk. Bacon ( from our neighbor’s pasture ) is quality. But sometimes when the kids are playing ( read screaming ) through their second week of vacation, a mom needs a quickie that keeps the troops at bay. Standby fish sticks. A quick fry in lard served with a blob of mayo and you have yourself a giggly evening of giddy kids and tons O’ fun.

Duck Hearts, A Quick Fry Up


Butter bath the onions. Slightly brown okay
Add sliced duck hearts and a big pinch of cinnamon to brown and fond
Set that meaty morsel aside and deglaze the pan with some red wine and a splash of sugar or small berries
Salt to yumminess
Add the ducky bits back in to warm.

Served tonight with broccoli
Kids approved, nothing leftover for the adults. Thankfully we have some blanquette de veau to fill any hunger gaps.