My Morning Cappuccino


Very tickled, I’ve managed to make cappuccino given one, stove- top pot and some fresh milk. A little patience with the beans and a some freshly, whisked milk makes for a latte sans les trois Euro prix. Oh how I’d love to pull the Folgers Challenge on my neighbor. Foamy UHT with beautifully brewed discount Arabica. But instead, I start each day with a foamy bang with mediocre equipment. When you
love coffee, these are the lengths you go to.

When Stir-Fry Falls Short


Stir-fry was a lovely yum-filled evening but for a veal nub waiting in the wings.
You can see amongst the Robert and the Antifragile, sometimes work mixes with pleasure.


The boys hit their limit quickly. Otto totally dug the soba deep fried in bacon fat. Go bacon fat! Brent ate his share and let the kids finish what was left.


But there are more beings interested in our calories.


… And these chicks


Veal nub devoured, stir-fry gone, we shower and sleep and wait for brighter days involving more at-our-reach ingredients. Please, people resist the temptation to Eat Out. That is all.

Best Chocolate I Ever Ate


I’m not frequent with the sugar consumption so when we were gifted a big box of dark chocolate , Lindt flavor discs, we took no pause before tucking in.

The flavors were
– chocolate
– caramel
– cherry piment ( that’s French for spicy )
– orange

Oh and they were good. Oh they were lovely.

My ranking:
Caramel ( my ab fav )
Cherry Piment ( Brent’s nemesis chocolate )


I had to bite two cherry piment to get this picture; the first one was blurry. I’m loving chocolate photography.

Rose Veal Explored


I don’t have a lot of experience with veal other than pounding the crap out of crappy veal to make scaloppine. But with our first veal, which is truly rose veal, as it was with it’s mum milking, eating hay and grass ready for slaughter around seven months. We couldn’t wait to fry one of these steaks up. So curious were we. The result? Beef! Flavor! Tender! A complete shock followed by excitement filled our dining room ( which we call “the mess” which also triples as our office and t.v. room okay and “the warm room”). Veal or Rose Veal or Baby Beef is good don’t let people tell you otherwise.


Blood, Sweat and Tears


True fact: ” blood, sweat and tears ” was a phrase coined by a meh-hee-can lady in her kitchen.

Sweat: cooking for the gauchos will make you sweat. They work hard and they’re mighty hungry.

Tears: chopping onions brings tears to your eyes no matter what technique you use.

Blood: with teary eyes, sometimes one can get a wee bit too confident with the super sharp, onion chopping knife.

But when you are cooking leftover pork roast that came out quite juicy what with all the fat and slow cooking, a tear shed makes you feel like you’ve made a little impact on the world.

Pork, avocado, salsa and Mexican zucchini locked and loaded for this evening’s meal.

Big Pork Roast


It’s gorgeous outside, but today for the first time, I’m cold. So a giant Sunday pork roast is in order. Potatoes and cabbage ( checked this with my mom ) are locked and loaded. Red wine is chilly and white ( in this region ) is expensive. Cold, cheap red becomes one of those flavors you reminisce over cheap beer and chips with your mates.

The pork is barely cooked due to a sponge- worthy goût the kids distracted themselves with. So we wait. And maybe we wait too much. And maybe we wait for something better to come along.

Big pig roast is working it. We’ll be ready whenever ready is ready.