The Sound of Vanilla Ice Cream

ice cream maker

The chickens are laying well these days. We now have a few spare eggs to make some ice cream. I made a vanilla custard, extra sweet. Ice cream needs to be sweet. You should let the custard sit overnight before you spin it in the machine.

I rushed it and stuck it in the big freezer for a spell, then put it in my fancy Snoopy Sno-cone Machine. Otto heard the noise, rushed downstairs and said, “I hear the sound of vanilla ice cream!” Yes sir. You are correct.

6 egg yolks
1 cup sugar
4 cups of cream and milk, fix your ratio
dash of Armagnac

egg yolks and sugar whipped together
milk heated on the hob
slowly make them friends
back on the hob, stir and thicken over low heat
let it cool
add the Armagnac

put the mix in the fridge overnight and then let ‘er go in the ice cream maker

vanilla ice cream

Pav Bottom

I’ve been working hard on my Pavlova bottom.  Fruit season is coming, so you must be locked and loaded to serve and enjoy this hugely fantastic, light, creamy, yummy, somewhat fancy dessert.  My Pav pretty much sucked until I found Mama.  I knew about the heat-oven-then-turn-down-heat technique to achieve Pav perfection, but it never worked for me.  That is, until I tried this recipe.  Mama has it right.  Don’t argue with Mama.  My only tweaks to suit my French location were:

–       my oven run-eth hot. – so I did 100C then 50C

–       my sugah is sweet (ah yeah) – so I used 1/ 2 cup less sugar

–       I don’t have one of those fancy pans – so my simple round cake pan with parchment worked juuuuust fine.

You can stick damn near anything on a perfect Pav bottom.  Whip some cream.  Slice some fruit.  Add a pat of sugar.  Own it.  Make it pretty.

And in the immortal words of our pop gawd Prince:

The gentle breeze

It blows with ease

Let’s make IT slow

Just like the wind blows

Let’s make IT last forever

For a hundred times won’t be enough

Tonight is the night 4 making slow Pav

… but I know you won’t take it slow and I accept that.  If you get your peaks stiff, no one will be the wiser.