It’s very hot right now and the fruit is abundant.  Time for Pavlova!  Pavlova is my FAVORITE dessert.  I’ll spare you how much I love this food.


I use a recipe from a blogger friend of mine at The Kitchen’s Garden.  She shared with us Mama’s Pavlova.  This is a no fail Pavlova shell.  Though I’ve had variations on the outcome ( all my fault ), I’ve never had a disaster. 

You should read her recipe, but here’s what it looked like when I followed along.

I whipped my egg whites and friends until it could hold a spatula to attention.


Chucked it into a parchment lined round tin.  Smoosh it around with the idea that you will eventually put cream and fruit on it.DSC_0822

Placed in a preheated oven which is then turned down.  It cooks and puffs.DSC_0824

After it cools, I put some whip cream on it and peaches.  Any seasonal fruit will do.  Kiwi fruit, strawberries, nectarines ….


If you have friends in Australia, ask them to bring out some canned passion fruit syrup.  This acts as the area rug and pulls the pav together.  It is impossible to find in France, so I am very careful with each drop we use.  Hopefully you have better sources.DSC_0840

I added some grated milk chocolate.  It’s supposed to be crumbled Cadbury Flake, but we are in the land of Milka.  DSC_0842

I thought grated Flake was the tradition, but apparently after sample size n= 2 Australians, this is some fancy ass addition.

This Pav was a bit sloppy, but I was very pleased.DSC_0846

Mama’s Pavlova has never let me down!  Thanks Celi!

Pav Bottom

I’ve been working hard on my Pavlova bottom.  Fruit season is coming, so you must be locked and loaded to serve and enjoy this hugely fantastic, light, creamy, yummy, somewhat fancy dessert.  My Pav pretty much sucked until I found Mama.  I knew about the heat-oven-then-turn-down-heat technique to achieve Pav perfection, but it never worked for me.  That is, until I tried this recipe.  Mama has it right.  Don’t argue with Mama.  My only tweaks to suit my French location were:

–       my oven run-eth hot. – so I did 100C then 50C

–       my sugah is sweet (ah yeah) – so I used 1/ 2 cup less sugar

–       I don’t have one of those fancy pans – so my simple round cake pan with parchment worked juuuuust fine.

You can stick damn near anything on a perfect Pav bottom.  Whip some cream.  Slice some fruit.  Add a pat of sugar.  Own it.  Make it pretty.

And in the immortal words of our pop gawd Prince:

The gentle breeze

It blows with ease

Let’s make IT slow

Just like the wind blows

Let’s make IT last forever

For a hundred times won’t be enough

Tonight is the night 4 making slow Pav

… but I know you won’t take it slow and I accept that.  If you get your peaks stiff, no one will be the wiser.