Lunch: Steaky Bits with Mushies and Onions served with Slaw


Gordito, the Bœuf that keeps on giving. Gordito was packed in fleshy, freezy lumps of unidentifiable origin. So when I defrost some beef, it’s always a surprise ( say “sur-preez” ) when it’s all warmed up and ready to go. Today’s beef was steak. I decided to thinly slice some of this entrecôte and brown it, remove and then rest.

mushies and onios

Meanwhile, I slowly buttered up some onions and mushrooms with a clove of garlic. Easy now, don’t go browning the onions. A nice softening is what I was after. Don choo just love onions and mushrooms in a pan bubbling with butter? Yeah, me too.

steaky bits and slaw

I added a splash of wine to grab some flavor off the bottom of then pan. I added back in the steaky bits and lunch was ready. I served with cole slaw. My cole slaw is actually a slaw copy made by Coles supermarket in Australia. So really we call it Coles’ slaw. The essential ingredient to bring it from American Slaw to Coles’ Slaw is the addition of some chopped carrots with all the rest of the mayo and things.

… and yes, that is a lime-green Porsche Cayman by the steaky bits.  This photo was not fluffed.  You’ve just peeked onto my kitchen bench into my world where a Kinder Egg Surprise toy makes it to my workspace and is not moved until after I snap a photo and realize, ” oh look, a Cayman.”

Tastes Like Chicken


What to do when you had a busy morning and forgot to bring the frozen flesh out to defrost. You reach for ” cooked porky bits.”. A fleshy bit roasted, enjoyed, put to the back burner then frozen waiting for a moment, the moment, to save my arse when people need to be fed and I ain’t got nut’in. At last, “cooked porky bits” stepped up to show me what it’s got. and this was its fate:

1) Chicken Pot Pie – the biscuit edition.

Chicken pot pie is a quick “oh crap” dinner. Made from scratch, it’s probably quicker and more tasty than the frozen equivalent. For this round, with these ingredients, I substituted pork for chicken. In southwest France, chicken is hard to come by. “Cheap” chicken is bad, very bad and not so cheap. We are in duckville. I can make duck confit cheaper and tastier than I can serve chicken. So why fight it? I embrace and work with what I have. Which is pork, duck and beef.

My chicky pot pie was served without a hint of change until Lucy caught on and the buzz ran quickly around the table. Otto, my number one chook pie fan, loved it. The others didn’t detect anything. It tastes like chicken. Brent gave it a taste and said “it could be ritz crackers” for all he knew.

2) Stir fry

If you don’t dig on wheat ( though said pie was made with Einkorn ), I used the rest of “cooked porky bits” on a spicy stir fry for the adults.

Hot peppy spice
Red peppers
A couple mushies
Soy sauce
Fish sauce

All fried hot hot in lard

Crackling, Chicharones … Potato potato


I spent a good few hours figuring out the right treatment for a whole lotta pig skin. I’ve read that every breed is different with regards to crispy, crunchy crackling. After many attempts, I settled in on high heat for a spell, then turn the oven down low to puff and crisp. This routine worked perfectly with crunchiness at a maximum and saltiness at a suitable level and satiability at a medium. I did the skin deep fried in lard and it came out looking good, but hard as a rock. I salted before, then placed on a roasting rack for my high-low process Dinner is soon and all I can pallet is a brisk, veggie stir-fry. That crackling, when done right, is a meal to fence a paddock on. It keeps you energized, ready for more productivity on your farm.

You Need To Cook Like A Lebanese Mama


Yeah, so some of my best friends are Lebanese. Yeah so he’s not all that great at ping-ping. And so he needs to use the hand break to move a car with a clutch stopped on a hill. But we love him. And we love his mum. When she comes to town, you learn how to cook for many, hungry people.


She cooks dish after dish of Lebanese yummidom that makes you sit back in your seat, loosening your buttons while giggling or singing. I’m not sure why I have a fear of leftovers, but tonight I tapped into my inner Lebanese mama and cooked a whole lotta meatballs. The kids munched and munched. We giggled. We sang. I think I’m going to arrive here again. Food, it ties a room together.

A Bench Top


Perfecting pork crackling, some pork/beef combo waiting for some garlic-onion-ginger treatment, a little ground pork waiting for its moment to shine, cauliflower waiting for cheesy melty goob … these are the ingredients I work with. Full now, tomorrow brings a full day of what to do with the leftovers.

When Stir-Fry Falls Short


Stir-fry was a lovely yum-filled evening but for a veal nub waiting in the wings.
You can see amongst the Robert and the Antifragile, sometimes work mixes with pleasure.


The boys hit their limit quickly. Otto totally dug the soba deep fried in bacon fat. Go bacon fat! Brent ate his share and let the kids finish what was left.


But there are more beings interested in our calories.


… And these chicks


Veal nub devoured, stir-fry gone, we shower and sleep and wait for brighter days involving more at-our-reach ingredients. Please, people resist the temptation to Eat Out. That is all.

Rose Veal Explored


I don’t have a lot of experience with veal other than pounding the crap out of crappy veal to make scaloppine. But with our first veal, which is truly rose veal, as it was with it’s mum milking, eating hay and grass ready for slaughter around seven months. We couldn’t wait to fry one of these steaks up. So curious were we. The result? Beef! Flavor! Tender! A complete shock followed by excitement filled our dining room ( which we call “the mess” which also triples as our office and t.v. room okay and “the warm room”). Veal or Rose Veal or Baby Beef is good don’t let people tell you otherwise.


Big Pork Roast


It’s gorgeous outside, but today for the first time, I’m cold. So a giant Sunday pork roast is in order. Potatoes and cabbage ( checked this with my mom ) are locked and loaded. Red wine is chilly and white ( in this region ) is expensive. Cold, cheap red becomes one of those flavors you reminisce over cheap beer and chips with your mates.

The pork is barely cooked due to a sponge- worthy goût the kids distracted themselves with. So we wait. And maybe we wait too much. And maybe we wait for something better to come along.

Big pig roast is working it. We’ll be ready whenever ready is ready.

Bourguignon Made With Filet Offcuts


With a few filet offcuts, I managed to scrape together a little evening Bourguignon. Yes, I know, “taking one for the team,” but I need to feed the troops with whatever protein and veg delight I have available.

Bourguignon is Bourguignon, all recipes will arrive at yum. We will serve with cauliflower au gratin and a tuna-melt back-up.


When onions and garlic look like that, they ARE having fun!