Tastes Like Chicken


What to do when you had a busy morning and forgot to bring the frozen flesh out to defrost. You reach for ” cooked porky bits.”. A fleshy bit roasted, enjoyed, put to the back burner then frozen waiting for a moment, the moment, to save my arse when people need to be fed and I ain’t got nut’in. At last, “cooked porky bits” stepped up to show me what it’s got. and this was its fate:

1) Chicken Pot Pie – the biscuit edition.

Chicken pot pie is a quick “oh crap” dinner. Made from scratch, it’s probably quicker and more tasty than the frozen equivalent. For this round, with these ingredients, I substituted pork for chicken. In southwest France, chicken is hard to come by. “Cheap” chicken is bad, very bad and not so cheap. We are in duckville. I can make duck confit cheaper and tastier than I can serve chicken. So why fight it? I embrace and work with what I have. Which is pork, duck and beef.

My chicky pot pie was served without a hint of change until Lucy caught on and the buzz ran quickly around the table. Otto, my number one chook pie fan, loved it. The others didn’t detect anything. It tastes like chicken. Brent gave it a taste and said “it could be ritz crackers” for all he knew.

2) Stir fry

If you don’t dig on wheat ( though said pie was made with Einkorn ), I used the rest of “cooked porky bits” on a spicy stir fry for the adults.

Hot peppy spice
Red peppers
A couple mushies
Soy sauce
Fish sauce

All fried hot hot in lard

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight


Chook covered in olive oil ( and butter if it’s not totally frozen ). Lemon squeeze. Garlic smoosh. Thyme and salt and pep. Roast that baby and forget about it because your toddler didn’t nap and dagnabit, it’s time you grabbed a glass of wine and walked around the farm in the feezing cold for a few minutes while dinner cooks.

Chicky Pot Pie, Biscuit Edition


I have yet to make an actual chicken pot pie. I always opt for the baking powder biscuit version. Oh crust, so much rolling, so much chilling, so much pre- baking. I have no patience for these.


Cook everything in advance. Make some cream sauce with chicken stock. Stick it in a pot and cover it with biscuits.

It’s a hearty meal as winter approaches as you try to figure out what the heck to do with this big squash.


Pamela Saves and Grills Too!

pammela tatts

Another GORGEOUS day in Seattle. The clouds were out, the temperature at a comfortable high fifties, yes, Spring was in the air somewhere (Siberia maybe?). Mighty Pamela whipped up a pile of food for some hungry dudes who popped over for a lunch break. Pups at her side she made Rubbed Chicken On A Stick, Naked Veggies and Potatoes. Pamela has lived in the South which started her taste for great Southern barbeque. As she says, “I don’t like sweet shit,” this girl sticks to grill flavor while playing with the aromatics. For the chicken on sticks, Pamela marinated the night before in Stubb’s Rub. This is really good shit and made the chicken taste divine. The veggies on sticks, were left to fend for themselves on the grill naked. Their inner juices came out and made friends with the aromatic bling. A little tin can suspiciously similar in shape to a sterilized cat food tin filled half full with a semi-tasty Northwest beer and rosemary was nestled in with the grillings. That little can did amazing things to the food. The chicken and veggies had something clever to bring to the table. The potatoes were on a grill of their own. They took longer to cook, so Pamela popped them on early to let them get soft and yummy potato like.

aroma can with veg sticks

All grilling was carefully supervised by a company of animals frolicking about the yard. Pamela runs a cat rescue primarily helping feral cats. She’ll catch them in a friendly, safe way to have them spayed or neutered. The cats will also get an extended stay if they are expecting babies. There were two litters of sweet, little kittens chillaxin’ in their quarters while the grill was going on. After the feral cats are looked after, they are returned near the caretaker’s house where they were found. Pamela can be contacted if you want a fluffy kitten sitting on your lap.

pamela grilling

pups by the grill

pamela pup and pamela



Brindle Pup Available

wee kitty

These Kittens Available

More pictures of Pamela and the furry family –>

Maggie Mags, A Chook and PBR Up the Wazoo


Maggie, fierce business woman and chef extraordinaire, up in the Seattle area on a business trip carved out some time to pop over and whip up some grub on the grill. Lucky for us, she brought the house down with her chicken and potatoes. Rounded out with some Romanesque Broccoli to tick off the “yes I ate my greens today” box.

She used:
Two Chickens, Organic
Beer or Pabst Blue Ribbon
Beer Probes, Anal
Fingerling Potatoes
Romanesque Broccoli
Tim Tams!! … while you wait
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Wine with a cockerel on it for fun factor

pb arrrr! chooks in the grill
whaaaah tim tams Romanesque Broccoli
Maggie and PBR

Maggie slickered the chickens up with some extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. She also used some lemon to squidge on both outside and inside the chook. The chicken was fluffed and ready for what rectal pleasures lie ahead. The beer probe was quite simple to prep. Find the right PBR to pop in the beer hole. Sample a few to make sure you have the right flavor and bubblage. Maggie brought over a case of PBR to broaden her selection. Once the beer was opened, sipped and in, she popped on the chicken … and giggled profusely. Stick an onion down the neck and it’s ready for the grill. Maggie lifted off the top grill of the barbeque and got right in there with the charcoal. She made a ring of charcoal so the chicken could sit comfortably in the middle then put the lid on. Off she went to prep the fingerlings.Again, the fingerlings were left to do their thing with the help of salt, pepper, garlic and some extra virgin olive oil. Mags popped those in a snuggy, foil wrap and placed them next to the chicken. Which left time for a little Tim Tam break. Nothing wets the appetite like the sweet, chocolaty forplay of a Tim Tam. Cuz enough is just never enough. Okay, Romanesque Broccoli time. A bit tricky and Maggie would say that she’d like to give it another try. The end result was a bit dry and came out with brown tips. No matter, the broccoli was but a mere bit part to the spectacular that was chook and pots. Maggie did a quick meat temp check on the two beauties (chicken is 165˚F internal) and the dinner was done. Girrrl / Boyee / what have you, let me tell you me, that chicken was moist, hot and deeelicious. Maggie was so convincing with her tale of how good chicken made this way was, but for us skeptics, you have to taste it to believe it. I’m not into novelty, deep fried poultry type cooking, but seriously, the chicken was amazing and that’s not the PBR talking. The chicken was perfect. The potatoes … don’t get me started on the potatoes. They were also amazing with their barbeque, smoky flavor, fluffy on the inside, firm on the outside texture. Yum yum. Maggie did it all. From charcoal to mouthful she put out a meal simple to construct and powerful in flavor and HOT oh so hot.


two chooks, side by side, but they are one
no pbr?  champers!
chook ahoy oy popping the chook on the probe grilling maggie
chook and chick tongs
chook and pots