Coconut Milk in a Soup and Our Next Porking


A lovely soup for a cold night. It’s an African, coconut soup made with a Malawi curry blend. Easy, easy to make and totally belly warming. I’m always looking for soup with fat in it. The more saturated fat I eat, the better I feel. Unlike the connotative feeling of the word “saturated,” if you eat saturated fats, you will not suddenly become saturated in fat yourself.

– two cans coconut milk
– 1 cup chook stock ( or cube )
– Malawi curry spices ( corriander, cumin, pepper, cayenne, dry mustard, cumin, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon : all blendy blendy in a cheap coffee grinder )

– let that bubble and toil for twenty minutes or when you’re ready. And taste it damn it, then add salt

Standby for tomorrow, for we shall roast a giant pork leg that requires a man hand to help butterfly and guide to a perfect Sunday lunch. We may need to invite the neighbors.


A Final Dish of Brown


Today marks the conclusion and ending ceremony of Thanksgiving. There will be no poultry paraCelebration. This is it. With the final few bits of turkey parts, I bring you: Turkey Soup.

I stuck the rest of the turkey, any leftover gravy, all the celery and friends in a pot with an onion pricked with a few cloves, some bay leaves and a dash of sage and thyme.

That bubbled away as stock ( but not too bubbly ). After a chill and a strain and a meaty bits sort, I made some soup. It turned out good. When the husband eats a couple bowls, you know it’s not for pity’s sake.

Leek Potato Soup


As you wait for your pork roast to defrost and your large bags of stew meat to be ready for grinding. And your very suspicious sausage is not quite ready for boiling, you need to feed the troops. But with what? Leek and potato soup ( and poor celery, the “key grip” of the soup world which never even makes it to the tagline ). Purée after it’s ready, add some cream then salt and pepper to taste.