Foie Gras In A Pot


Today, our fatty duck livers go in a pot for future yumminess.


Tosca, the house gourmand ( gourmand is French for “tubby” … But don’t tell her that. ), inspects each step.


Lucy deveins the livers, then salt and peppers each side.
Olivia, the expert duck farmer and foie-gras-in-a-pot extraordinaire, showed us the way with this ratio.


Tosca really is a big help in the kitchen.

Boil your pots in a bigger pot for an hour and fifteen minutes. Let them cool for an hour, then stick them in the fridge for up to six months. Though, I can’t imagine it lasting that long. If you have pots of foie gras in the fridge, you’ll be tucking into it like nobodies bidness.


Don’t forget to make sure the sealy bits are sealed.


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