Big Ass T-Bone, Grass-fed!


It’s good to know a grass-fed beef farmer.  Even better is to be a grass-fed beef farmer.  We farm and sell grass-fed beef direct and as such, we need to taste a steak from everything we sell.  This is how we get better


Today, we tried a 1.146kg T-bone steak.  I like my steak rare, but not everybody does.  With a big steak like this, you can accommodate everyone.  I did this

– preheat oven 180C

– brown the steak in duck fat, I gave it a good few minutes on each side, then did a few quick flips

– stick the pan with the steak in it, in the oven

– after five minutes, I flipped the steak and put it back in the oven

– after another five minutes I pulled it out and let it rest

Those who want medium, got the first cuts.  Those who want medium rare got the inner bits.


It’s been awhile since I’ve cooked one of these babies.  It fed two men, me and our small four-year-old.  We also have some leftover for a breakfast fry up.