A Whole Lotta Short Ree-Yibs


There was a time in my life when I used to flip through cookbooks searching for yummy stuff to make. I would go with a feeling or an urge. Then I’d construct the shopping list and off I’d go. But this is not the way it works when you’re living, breathing and running a farm. Ingredients fall upon you ( big zucchini, odd beef cuts, foie gras trades … ) and you are left with a task. “What do I do with a few kilos if very ripe tomatoes?” Or “Wow fifteen kilos of beef to grind and process. Where do I go from here?”


When it comes to short ribs and you are in France, you make Pot-au-Feu. Or as we affectionately call it “Faux Pho.” These short ribs are called “Plat de Cotes” ( there’s a little hat on the ‘o’ … still working out iPhone symbols ).


Now I could totally Faux Pho the lot, but I thought I’d Gangnam Syle some of them ribs because that’s how we roll. I found this Korean Short Rib recipe that looked too good to refuse. Progress is smelling divine, we’ll see how it tastes.

As a side note, part of Gangnam Style Ribs is a browning phase. If you are not living in France you will not appreciate the next photo, but trust me, I browned meat – our meat – and I think I shed a little, happy tear of success. Our beef, you can brown it! So let me present to you, browned beef:



  1. Nice quality ribs … that’s a cut we don’t usually get in our stores.

    BTW … great blog title. My wife got a laugh out of it too 🙂

    • ah thanks! I enjoy naming things, I think.
      Those are grass fed ribs from heifer “88.” With each cow, we are assessing its tastiness. Trying to find the right balance of tender and tasty is a slow, but rewarding process.

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