Let Me Tell You A Thing or Two About Whipping Cream in France


It’s always been so simple. Put cream in a bowl and whip it with whatever whipper deal you choose. Without issue, I’ve whipped cream in America with a hand-held beater, a standing mixer and by hand. With a fancy, French name like “Chantilly” and creme as the star ingredient with most French desserts, I expected to whip cream like a pro. Yet with every batch of cream I whipped, I never got very far. With products available like “chantifix,” I know I’m not alone.


I’m a HUGE fan of Pav. So for you, I offer these tips:

1) Use fresh cream.

The UHT milk products occupy one side of a supermarket aisle. This will not give you the X-factor in the whip cream world. Sometimes, it’s hard to find fresh cream. I imagine that all the lovely cream is rushed off to cheese makers around the country mixing, setting and aging into one of the two hundred and forty-six varieties of cheeses offering absolute gastronomic bliss.

2) Use a balloon whisk.

The hand-held beater has no bidness whipping cream

3) 30% mat.gr.

That’s obvious. No fat, No fluff. Plus, dessert without fat is a crime in some countries.


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