And Let Ground Beef Palooza Begin


Two big bags of stew meaty Gordito have been thawed and ground ( yes and thank you lovely hubby for getting all the meat grinder bits sorted out ). I love stew meat and all its stew meaty yumminess, but sometimes you need to grind that meat for some warm winter meals to feed an army.


We found homes for some kilos, but with the remaining mince ( it’s so fun to use the word mince ), I plan to do this:

Shepherd’s Pie ( base )
Cooky Beefy Bits with Potential ( and not the kind of potential that sits in the corner like a little kitten mewing ).


The chili is on and just about done. The Shepherd’s Pie is rolling. If my giant, American mug of coffee I had at four o’clock holds out, the Kheema should get a chance to live in our freezer for future meals. Should the Madiran take hold, I believe we’ll have browned beef with no name.

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