Duck Confit, Part Deux


Good day, it’s time to stick that salty, peppery duck leg and friends in a hot vat of its own fat.

Thankfully I’m friends with a duck farmer who has fat to spare.


Gorgeous stuff, duck fat. Add a couple of fresh bay leaves and a dash or three of thyme. Then, cover that goodness in duck fat. Slowly, as the fat warms and the legs render, you’ll begin to here sounds of the absent-minded professor. Though, instead of an amazing Flubber invention, you will be creating a modest dinner in your future. To really enjoy the moment, dig up your old John Cage records and enjoy the sounds of broken glass hitting concrete, incomplete piano scales, muffled sounds of Milan and the bubble and gurgle of duck confit in the making.

… And you wait. You wait for time and fat to work magic.


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