Sweet, Yummy Duck Breast

Breast de la Donald

A united blend of spice, sweet and moist with fun texture that leaves boredom to no tongue.

You Need:
Duck Breast
Sweety, goopy stuff (Emily used a jammy marmelaide)
A little salt and pepper

skin side down

Rub some of that sweet goodness on the duck breasts. Place them skin side to the grill and cover. When they shrink up and brown and are firm to touch, pull them off.

goopy sweet and raw

oooOooooooo nice duck


  1. Ahhh, beautiful. I like duck, but I don’t eat it too often. We can’t even find duck breasts here. Just those precooked legs from Maple Leaf Farms.

  2. Yes, there’s a great macho flavor in duck. Okay, so I’m not sure where here is, but there are two online shops that sell meat. Amazon Gourmet (totally!) and Exotic Meats (http://www.exoticmeats.com/). I’ve tried Venison from Exotic Meats and it was wonderful.

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