Grilled Pear

Grilled Pear and fancy bits

This grilled pear thing was a total first kiss. It’s fall, there were pears and we went with it. Taking three sacrificial pears, we messed around to determine what seemed tastiest.

Balsamic vinegar

You peela da pear

Model A
The halved pear. Leave the skin on.

Model B
The shaved pear. Whole pear, no skin

Model C
The pear. Skin and all its pearness.

Put pear on grill. Take it off when it’s dark, handsome and looks less firm. A little poke might help determine readiness.

Only you can decide how you like it. For this girl on the grill, the whole pear triumphed hands down. It was warm, juicy and sweet. Yum.

Pear on grill and other meat

Presentation and Eatery:
Once cooked, cut the pear in half and place on a plate. Spew balsamic vinegar around the edge of the plate for the eater to drag a bit of pear through (it’s funner that way). Make it perty with some walnuts. Grab your champagne and sit back to take all the compliments.

Girl eats pear


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