Lamb Burgerettes

Lamb Buregerettes

Lil’ Bo Peep lost her sheep and finally got around to find them. Still holding a grudge, got pissed one night and made lamb burgers.

Ground Lamb

Parsley Choppin’

Here’s a simple one, easy to shop for and you get all medieval with the egg.

– Chop the parsley leaves, uh. Choppin’
– Chop the onion into itty bitty bits
– Standby egg

It’s on:
1. Throw down the ground lamb and get dirty.
2. Make a cute little volcano to dazzle your friends.
3. Put the egg in the hole. Ta da!
(good time to ask friend for a sip of champagne)
4. Squidge the volcano, continue to massage until everything is well mingled.
5. Sprinkle parsley on top. Work it.
6. Set in the onion play some more.
7. Make small patties and place on a plate ready for the grill.

Once cooked, the vehicle for eating these babies are limitless.  We popped the bugerettes in a mini, whole wheat pita with a dab of chevre and some red leaf lettuce.  Though a high risk for being sassed,  a few drops of ketchup is also yummy.

Lamb Volcano


Patty Cake



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