Tuna Casserole for Lunch


And in the foreground, the beginnings of cream cheese brownies.

Now we are most definitely a pasta-free zone. Due to an amazingly flavorful beef cheek dish, I needed a quick out to enjoy the flavor while simultaneously toning down the cheekage. Standby macaroni ( or in French “coquillettes” ). If I must use noodles, I make them with Einkorn and loads of eggs. Long-story-short, there are coquillettes in this dish. I feel a bit like a slacker, but sometimes you need to react with the raw ingredients you’ve been handed. While you wait for your meat to defrost, you look around and see butter, cream, milk, dash of einkorn, canned tuna and macaroni which all add up to tuna casserole.

– make a cream sauce and make it taste yummy
– add tuna, double taste the flavor
– add pasta
– stick in the oven for twenty minutes until it settles in and makes friends


Should you use fresh, farm eggs for your cream cheese brownies, you must quickly crack into its own cup to check things out. Because Kevin the Cockerel keeps his girls topped up, should they sit a bit too long on their daily gem, things could move along more quickly than you ‘d want in your brownies.

I love brownies because they use lots of eggs, minimal flour and deep dark chocolate. I’m hoping the cream cheese version will entice my husband who holds brownies in contempt along with flour-less chocolate cake.