Breakfast: Fried Eggs in Duck Fat with Some Potted Meat Product


Eggs fried in duck fat start your morning with a crispy edge. I’ve been doing sunny-side up lately and oh the faces I’ve made.


Served with a bit of potted meat product. Okay it’s pork pâté. Yep, organic, local whatever buzzword you need, it’s terrific and I have a lot of it. Much better than Spam. I’ll have to do a Spambled Eggs version. I loves me some faux faux.

One Tasty a-Meatball


Sausage meaty balls tonight. A Nigel Slater recipe that keeps on giving. ( from his book Appetite ).

I usually do the lemongrass version, but tonight we do European porky balls. What you see above is:

Pork en vrac ( crap, what’s that in ‘merican. Loose? Just like my men )


Naturally and usually I fry these balls in lard. As I lost all my lard, I would usually turn to duck fat, but I’m mad at duck fat. So I used some tallow. We run a beef farm and tallow is something I need to acquaint myself with.

Porky yum balls were served with broth ‘n’ parsley and some mash ( because there’s no way my kids are sticking meatballs in broth, but let me tell you this: meatballs of the pork variety are absolutely lovely in broth
with fresh parsley. That is all. ).

Pork Roast Tonight


Pork studded with garlic and chilled butter spears.


Who takes the time to slot holes in your pork roast and shove yum potential right in? Where do these recipes come from? It’s so easy to shove a pork roast in the oven for a couple of low heating hours and fill in the gaps with a sauce and a song.


But I took the time. Then I gave it a right browning. And then I covered it with thyme. The recipe called for rosemary, but my rosemary was killed by those damn free range chickens. So I went to a likeness of my favorite seasoning, Zatar. This is a wonderful mix of Lebanese magic and thyme that I learned from my friend Bassam. I absolutely love Zatar and I think I need to make Zatar ice cream just to show how much I care.


Cover that lovin’ with some thin bacon. If you can find bacon without sugar, then you will love yourself even more ( if that’s possible ).

This will be cooked slowly for an hour and a half. I have peppers and leeks. Hopefully there’s something there if I add garlic, onions and a splash of celery.